June 18, 2012

I was totally going to kill it...

The blog that is.

But I had an idea for some posts that I'll try out for as long as it amuses me...

Since I'm not killing it you don't get my goodbye post, which was not really going to be a full on goodbye post. In a way this blog is like that girl (or boy) you are dating and want to break up with but you can't seem to do it... You have every good intention on doing the "it's not you, it's me" thing.

Or you break up and then slide back, maybe even that same day.

I have a feeling that goodbye post would be good, except I didn't actually get enough time to sit down and write it.

It was going to consist of little summaries of posts that I was going to write but never got around to... So I can include them now.

There was the one from way early on when I was pondering how the first circumcision came to be. I know we say it's for hygiene but that's probably a side effect... I also know that it's ritualistic but who was the first person that said "you know what god would really like? He'd like if I cut that tip of my penis off... Seriously he sent me an email." My theory is there was some dad way back in the day who was giving his son a bath, and a knife fell out of his pocket... So the only excuse he could tell his wife for the kid's wiener being all cut up was that god was down with it.

I had another where I was going to blast gender neutral parenting... I don't normally blast the way people raise their kids but I think it's a load of hipster bullshit... We can debate if it's cool or not but people like to know if your kid has a penis or not... That's really all they are asking if you have a boy or girl. You raise your kid as you wish. For instance we didn't want MF to have a bunch of electronic toys so we told friends... And you know what? No electronic toys as gifts. You can do the same with dolls, trucks or whatever... But let people know if your kid is a boy or girl.

That might sound like I'm being a dick but... Well I am. However it was this article about one family that got me thinking.

Here's a quote:

Sasha dresses in clothes he likes -- be it a hand-me-downs from his sister or his brother. The big no-no's are hyper-masculine outfits like skull-print shirts and cargo pants. In one photo, sent to friends and family, Sasha's dressed in a shiny pink girl's swimsuit.

So what they're saying is it's ok for their boy to wear a shiny pink girl's swimsuit but not skull prints or cargos... Or basically their boy can wear super girly clothes but not boy clothes... Fuck you parents of Sasha... Hypocrites.

Our on a less snarky note I was going to write about that time that MF pooed with such a consistency and color that it was like watery split pea soup. I realize that happens to all kids but this first happened about three months ago and I thought that wold happen sooner or not at all... And I had to do the diaper with him standing in the shower... I thought we were lucky with not having that kind of situation.

Then I was going to attach my recipe for split pea soup... I augmented it from the Vegetarian Meat and Potato Cookbook. But I didn't write it... I will tell you the real deal to make the soup good is the croutons... Crusty bread or a good multigrain bread sauted in a ton of olive oil with garlic... Do that till it's crispy and browned.

Then there were a few times I really thought about what kids books are saying, aside from the Peter Rabbit thing.

But I decided I might not full on break up with the blog... I have an idea that I'll post soon. It amuses me, perhaps it will amuse you all... And maybe I'll get time to actually write the snarky posts in my head... Although I don't seem to have time for that now.

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