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Random questions

Is there anything cuter than your kid taking your hand during dinner so he can lean on it and cuddle? Why do kids, at least Miloh, think it's so hilarious to run around while I try to put lotion on him that he laughs until he can't breathe? Why does our dog thinks it's a good idea to lick Miloh's pee off the carpet? What would make a kid think you'd want a dried apricot that has been chewed, spit out, chewed and again and then spit out? Is there anything better than cinnamon sugar? Why is it hilarious that I eat the same food as Miloh? How awesome is it when your kid washes your hair while you're giving them a bath? Have you ever brought a book to bed?

Upcoming Q&A and a clips post

Remember that time I gave my PR policy ? Well I got a couple emails since and sent out invoices but have received nothing so emails go unread. But I received one from the folks at Gilt Children and since they have tweeted back and forth with me in the past I waived the $10 fee. Additionally on this Tuesday the 26th of April at 8pm EST I'll be doing a Q&A on the Facebook page. It will be focused on dads getting a say in room style, maybe a little montessori stuff if people ask and anything else people want to ask me about my style of dad-ness. If you want to join the Like Gilt Children on Facebook  and show up on their page at 8pm EST on the 26th. If you know me in real life or follow me on twitter you know this is kind of huge because I hate Facebook. And that all leads me to my clips show portion of this post. If you're new to the site because of the Gilt thing here is a really horrible summary of this blog. You should start with my first clips post that will

Backwards day

Miloh's a bit of a daredevil. He runs and then leaps off off of 3 foot high surfaces at the gym. But when it comes to getting off things he's supper conservative. He turns around way to early to go backward... and sometimes he's just acts ridiculous. I'm sure I'll be able to get enough video soon to fill the rest of the song...

Miloh's twelfth month in numbers

Here's the last of my monthly infographics. It's late like the rest. I'm hoping to get the third and fourth quarter of year one up next week. Then one more bringing them all together. December 22 - January 21

PR Unfriendly

A couple posts back I mentioned I was working up my PR Unfriendly page and I'm proud to say that it's now live... In fact it's this post repurposed into a page. But before I start I should mention that "repurpose" is one of my least favorite business speak words... Fun Fact. I used to do a Gear Thursday feature, but at some point writing about gear got really boring for me (not saying Gear Thursday is totally dead but it's hiding better than Bin Laden). Aside from the boredom I was soured on reviews by all the emails I'd get for companies asking me to pimp their stuff. If you blog you know what I'm taking about. I'm not going to write a post about some stupid product, movie or such that has enough cash to hire a PR firm but expects bloggers to write about it without compensation... Or maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll receive a sample and a few for my readers... Eh... not interested. And that's why I've come up with my PR Unfriendly

Miloh's eleventh month in numbers

November 22 - December 21

First Day

Monday was Miloh's first day of school... He started in the toddler community at Staci's school. Actually it was only the first day of phase in week so he'd only be there an hour... but still. And yeah he's kind of young for school, but the toddler community in Montessori is made for kids his age. You may remember that before Miloh was born I was thinking about what a good dad is... in that post I decided I'd make waffles as a nice comfort food for our kid (we had no idea what kind we'd be having). So I decided it would be nice way to start Miloh's first day of school. After breakfast we got Miloh ready to head out. We told him he would be going to school. He's familiar with the school and his new room. He actually loves the environment, it's really beautiful. He took some infant classes there, and his teacher was the first person not related to us (or not a hospital worker) that saw him so they have a great bond. So we think he kind of unde

Megabolt: One for one sketchbook

I am in the process of adding a tab on my blog called PR unfriendly... because really I am. I get many emails on complete crap that people want me to promote... and for free. But then once in awhile I happen upon something that's just really cool so I share it here. Enter Megabolt. While perusing OMG Posters I saw a post about a sketchbook for a great cause. Megabolt is like the Toms shoes of sketchbooks... except they aren't completely ugly. I mean let's be honest... Toms shoes for guys are horrendous...or fantastic if you're a hippy. You can get the down low for Megabolt here or you can enjoy my short little synopsis that I plagiarized* from their site (or you can do both). *It's plagiarism for a good cause. Megabolt or The Bolt as I will now refer to them, since it feels weird to keep typing Megabolt, was started in 2009 to when a dude's friend's dad passed away from brain cancer and he needed help with the hospital bills. They raised some cash