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Another pic because I'm lazy

Actually I've been traveling so I haven't had time to write a post, so here's a pic we took today at Miloh's first Seder...he got all dressed up for the occasion.

Week 9 in numbers

I'm working on his second month...that should be up soon.

A little music interlude from Miloh

The other day Staci bought Miloh the Skip Hop Funky Farmyard . Today she wanted to add a little something to Montessori it up a bit. So she attached a bell that she got from Etsy . Miloh instantly took to the bell and he had a tough time deciding whether to play with it or to look at himself in the cow mirror that came with the farmyard. In the end the bell won out. We have about 14 minutes of video of this but I decided to play nice and cut it down to under 2 minutes. My next video will be him staring at a grape.

I took a photo Friday

Someday I'll actually have time to process my RAW images and I'll updatemy images.

BFFs for ever

We were a bit aprehensive when we first brought Miloh home because we were unsure of ow our dog Kalli would handle a new arrival. She has always loved children, let them grab her tail, hug her and lean on her but you never know how dogs will react to a permanant member of the house. We did have a plan to help the transition. When we went to the hospital to have Miloh we sent Kalli to the spa that she stays in...we didn't name it the spa that's what it's called. The day after Miloh was born we brought a blanket that he was swaddled in to the spa so Kalli could smell him. Then we had him in the house a day before we brought her back. The first day she came home she was mildly interested in Miloh but she was more interested in the bone we got her and the new toy she got. Day two she understood what was going on. Kalli would refuse to be in any room other than one Miloh was in. We started off with Miloh in a Pack 'n Play at the foot of our bed. But you know how thi

Week eight in numbers

There was something really cute that happened between Miloh and Staci this week, but we forgot what it was. I know we're going to forget a lot of things that happen with Miloh but this was the first that really just escaped our memory. I thought we had written it down but we didn't. And the bottle count went down drastically because he's getting more in each bottle.

Gear Thursday: Cloud B Twilight Turtle

If you read my Random Shorts post a few days ago you may remember that we have a new routine that we've been doing to get Miloh to sleep. One of the things that we bought to help is this Twilight Turtle nightlight. I'm not even exaggerating when I say this is one of the best things's so cool and soothing that Staci and I want to get one for our room... It's actually rather simple but so nice. It's a soft turtle with a hard plastic shell. On the shell are cutouts of when you turn the lights on the constellations shine throughout the room. You can change the color of the lights to green, blue or amber. The green and blue are the brightest and it's reminiscent of those glow in the dark stars but a lot less hassle and a lot less permanant. It's incredibly soothing and it shuts off in 45 minutes just as your baby (hopefully) falls asleep. One thing I'm really digging is that 8 real constellations shine on your ceiling a

The Ides of Miloh

Today is what I hope to be the first day of a tradition. I'm not sure what I'll call it...Staci calls it Miloh day while I'm thinking the Ides of Miloh. Either way it will be a day that Miloh and I hang out. I've always had a thing for the Ides of March that started when I had to read Julius Cesar. I was instantly intrigued by the name...not the whole Et tu, Brute part. But had no idea what the Ides were...later I found out it was the 15th of some months and the 13th of others...its not just a March thing. Fast forward to my first job in a real career. 4 months in I got my first promotion...the day was March 15...the day seemed even more auspicious. Later that year I was discussing with a friend the pros and cons of taking your birthday off of work...she was a fan of not working...I was cool with working. But the conversation got me thinking...maybe I should find a day that I don't work every year...a day for myself. So I picked the Ides of March...or if

Week seven in numbers

Miloh's first real roll

Miloh had his first full on roll today...yeah it's super early. It might seem cruel that we were laughing but we really wanted him to work through it. It was unexpected so Staci grabbed her phone just as he started...we missed the first little bit...but it's awesome anyway. I should explain a bit what was going on because it's a bit hard to see. As he started to roll he had a tight grip on the blanket. He wanted to roll but also wanted to keep ahold of the blanket. In the end he got both...but it still made him cry. The video was shot with a phone so it's bit dark. I might try to work on that later.

Miloh on a roll

This is actually a test to see if I can email video to my blog. But if it works you'll see video of Miloh starting to roll over today. My original post said he rolled to his belly, but I heard wrong. He's been rolling to his side where he gets stuck and then sucks his thumb...that hasn't been caught on video yet.

Random shorts

One: Miloh hates the sound of velcro...he winces every time he hears it when we open his sleep sack or a diaper bag.   Two: My favorite thing he's doing right now is grabbing my finger while I feed him. He holds on so tight that his fingertips turn white...but of course it's a kind of soft grip. I love it. I also like that when he wiggles he often makes a fist and kind of punches. He finally connected a few yesterday. Three:  Staci's favorite thing is that she can burp him by just rubbing his back instead of patting it...and she love that when she does this he lays his head right in the crook of her neck. She also loves that he recognizes's actually really cool that he recognizes us and our voices. Four: I got nothing for four. Five: Before Miloh was born I heard someone say "he's not as wrinkly as he was a week ago." I'm not sure of the context, it could have been TV, a tweet or a friend. But it's true about Miloh. I wish

Week six in numbers

Miloh was fine after his little fall.

Gear Thursday: Coocoi Babywrap swaddle

Miloh is a huge fan of being's pretty crazy how much it calms him. I had the opportunity to review the Coocoi  merino Babywrap. Once I got Miloh in he loved do I know? He didn't squirm and he conked out. I had to move my reviews to an annex site so click here to check the whole thing out...

The post in which I write a letter to Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth I'm not sure how you work. Are you like Santa where you know what I've been thinking and doing? If so then this won't come as a surprise. You know I have a lot of respect for you and all...and I'm not sure if I ever said the 'L' word but you know...I kind of dig you. In the years we've been friends you've stayed pretty much the same it's just me who is different. Our relationship has been changing and I think it's at a point where we just cut the ties for a little while. I know it sounds cliche but it's not's me, really it is. Someone came between us and his name is Miloh. When Staci and I first learned we were pregnant we were dead set on raising our child in an environmentally friendly way. We had plans to use cloth diapers from day one...we even got a new HE washer and dryer so cleaning them would be better for you. Then we heard that cloth diapers are hard to use on super little kids, partly be

Week five in numbers

A day late but I was working on the graphic for the month in the previous post.

Miloh's first month in numbers

I wanted to get this out today but to be honest I'm a bit I 'm hoping there are no typos. Here is Miloh's first month in numbers. You can click the image to see it larger.