February 26, 2010

Best (and second best) award ever

I got another award the other day. This one rocks because it's from not only one of my fave blogger/twitterers, but also because it's her actual personal, made it herself award.

It's from Morgan from The818

It's the Somebody in the 818 Loves Me award. To be honest I already knew that some folks loved me in the 818 but they are different somebodies.

My other awesome award was also from Morgan...it was given to me couple weeks back.

Yeah I realize I had a typo in there but my favorite copywriters can't spell well.

And usually awards come with some things you're supposed to share and blogs you're supposed to link to...but I did that earlier this week so check out Morgan's post about the award to find some great blogs.

February 25, 2010

Gear Thursday: awesome custom onesies

This is hands down one of my favorite pieces of clothing that Miloh has...in fact he wore it for over 24 hours the first time we put it on him (that's when the picture is from...so it's a couple weeks old.)

It was made by Emily from Baby Dickey. She takes your old tees and makes them into great gown style onesies.

I sent her an Iron Maiden shirt that no longer fit...washed it 3 times and it became a tube top...but don't worry I still wore it with a thermal underneath. Then a bit later I got this in the mail.
Here's a short list of why these rock:
  • They are one of a kind because they come from your shirt
  • Emily's sewing skills rock...the quality is fantastic
  • You know how the onesie will feel a bunch of washes in because you've washed the shirt many times
  • It doesn't shrink because you've washed the shirt many times
  • It just freaking rocks and I shouldn't have to say anything else.

Really the only thing I don't like about these are that I donated a bunch of awesome old shirts before I found out that she did this...they would have made awesome onesies.

What you're gonna want to do is head to the custom onesie page of her site and order one now. All the details are the but here are some basics.

The first onesie is $20 but if you send her a bunch of shirts the price goes down for the additional ones.

An adult medium is needed to guarantee a long-sleeve gown, size 0-6 months. She can work with a smaller shirt, but it may need to be short-sleeve or not fit as long (as it will most likely be shorter in length).

I don't know what else I need to say about these because they just really rock.

February 23, 2010

I took a photo Tuesday

Not taken today...the title is an alt to Wordless Wednesday...because I'm like that.

Also the pic is super cute because he's so young...but it's also not retouched for the same reason. You may not care but I kinda do.

February 22, 2010

A bunch of awards

One of the cool things about doing a blog is finding other great blogs out there...but even better is when some other bloggers find you and recognize yours as one that they dig.

In the last few weeks I was given 4 blog awards by fellow bloggers. It has taken me awhile to get this post together so I apologize to them for the late thank you. But here it is, thanks Cynthia from First Time Mom 2 Be, Brandy from Bigger By the Belly, Lauren from With Two Cats and Metta1313 from 365 Days of Being 30 and a Mommy.

So each one of these awards says I should do a different thing as far as how many blogs to link to and what I should share, so I thought I'd average out the stuff and share it below. Sorry to do it this way but I'm a bit sleep deprived so I'm being lazy. My apologies to the good folks that gave me the awards.

I'm gonna share 5 things that make me happy and 5 blogs I dig. Those bloggers can choose whichever award they like and pass that one along.

5 things that make me happy:
Staci's smile.
Miloh's cooing.
My scooter.
My dingo.

5 blogs I dig (these are ones I haven't mentioned in previous posts)
Parenting in Progress written by Mae. Good stuff (her dad even likes it) and her tweets rock.
Last Train to Pooksville by Emily. All you need to know is her kid is a genius.
Kristi Maristi written by, you guessed it, Kristi. She has purple hair right now.
Hope Springs Eternal by Natalie. Her baby Nellie is 2 days older than Miloh.
Beyond Snapshots by Rachel Devine and Peta Mazey. Great info on photographing kids, although it makes me feel guilty that I haven't taken pics of Miloh as much as I'd like.

And if you want to get a glimpse of what I do from 9-5 and see things that inspire me you can check out my other blog.

And while you're clicking things you can click on the banner below so I get a vote...all you need to do is click. But before you click make a wish as it is guaranteed* to come true.
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You can also click the small banner to the right every time you visit here. Or you can copy and paste this link http://tinyurl.com/smonk into your browser once a day to vote for me. The votes don't win me anything it just get's me higher on the list so more people like you find my blog. Thanks.

*My lawyers want me to say that when I say your wish is "guaranteed to come true" I don't mean to imply in any way that this is a guarantee that said wish will come true.

February 21, 2010

Week four in numbers

Here is a video of the aforementioned coo. It usually occurs after a sneeze but has been none to happen before. While the coo is fairly common it's a bit like Bigfoot in that it's hard to catch on video.

Update: I should also mention that today, the day after I posted this, Miloh is a month old. So happy Month-day Miloh! Also I will be soon posting a graphic on his first month combined.

February 20, 2010

Sweet Child O Mine

There was a big change that happened in Miloh a week ago. He used to be a total angel when he went to sleep. Yeah he'd wake every 2.5 hours to eat, but he wouldn't fuss much.

Then starting last Sunday he got really fussy...super-crazy fussy. And the thing is it affects me a lot because it's at the times that I'm watching him at night when he is at his worst.

Well this Friday night I shared my experience on twitter...so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

Interesting...The Stone Roses song 'So Young' starts w/ 'in the misery dictionary' cuz Miloh is so young and causing misery by not sleeping

So I think little dude like The Stone Roses because he is now out...

Tweeted too soon #fuckingA

Now my legs are asleep and I can't move them or miloh will wake...

Miloh is like his mom. He looks like her as a baby & gets crazy relaxed when his feet are rubbed. Wish I found out the foot thing a week ago

Miloh...remember how we just discovered you like your feet rubbed? Remember? Because it kinda seems like you forgot.

Miloh likes: carly simon, stone roses, inxs, liz phair. Hates: neko case, beastie boys, housemartins.

Gonna try the sleep while he sleeps thing...although he won't sleep so expect more tweets soon

Hope I don't jinx stuff but I played Luna to Miloh in utero and just put them on now...he is finally unwrestless #IWishThayWasAWord #Night?

Oh the irony of Miloh waking up wailing as Luna's cover of 'Sweet Child O Mine' plays.

I should probably mention that all those tweets came in the moments that Miloh actually slept, I wasn't ignoring him while he fussed and cried.

Next I should say that The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD is total bullshit...you may remember that I did a post about it in which I swaddled my cat. While the method is great, the 5 'S's do calm Miloh, the actual DVD is what I think is misleading.

Here's why I hate it...for some reason when I watched it I was completly mesmorized at how Dr. Karp calmed EVERY baby on the video...I wasn't thinking about the fact that they edited out any time a baby fussed. I also forgot about the fact that Karp is the expert at this...he has just a few more years practicing this than I do. But one of the most important things is, while he does show a couple babies being put down to sleep, they cut away fast...I don't blame them because of course they can't wait 5-10 minutes to show the baby is still calm.

With Miloh we might be able to calm him but once he is put to sleep he often goes nutso within 5 minutes.

However I did learn a couple things Friday night.

Miloh will stop crying if I stand up. I can sit and rock, or just hold him and he may fuss...but if I stand up and do the same he will often calm...and sometimes it's just me standing and not even moving.

I also got some info about Purple Crying from @mommyingaround on twitter. I'm wouldn't be able to do info about Purple Crying justice in this post so I really think you should check out the site if you have a newborn. But the gist is it's about the phase of life where babies cry the most. What's awesome about it is we haven't reached the peak (that's at about 2 months) and that it often lasts 3-5 months total.

It was great to read the info...but what I found really interesting is the section on soothing techniques. A lot of the info is things you hear already, feed baby, burp baby and swaddle baby etc. But there were two things in there that jumped out at me a little. Kiss the bottom of your baby's feet and smile at your baby.

I realize that each of these things can soothe the baby a bit...they like having their feet touched because they are so sensitive and the get calm when you smile. But the untrained psychologist in me wonders if these are really more about you.

I mean if I kiss Miloh's feet I get happy...I'm kissing a totally cute baby that I love. And it's been proven that if you're in a bad or stressed mood if you smile it will help turn your mood.

So what if these techniques work because your baby is getting your vibes? What if Miloh was all crazy this week in part because when he cried I was frustrated that i would get no sleep for work? Perhaps he started fussy but fed off my negative energy.

That could explain the whole thing with him sleeping when I turned on Luna...and as you can see from the tweets I got a good 2 hours of sleep out of him.

I originally played their album Bewitched to him in the womb once or twice because it's music that I love but also stuff I think would soothe a baby. So when he slept I thought maybe he remembered it or he was just soothed by it, and maybe he was soothed.

But maybe it was that I was really calmed by the music. Perhaps he felt that calm and fed off of it.

So I'm going to try things a bit different. Instead of just trying to calm Miloh I'm going to make sure I am calmed...in hopes that he feels some of that and it helps him too.

UPDATE: Jill who writes the Baby Rabies blog sent me a link to a  similar post she wrote a while back. Check it out.

February 18, 2010

Gear Thursday: Baby carrier round up

A bit ago a reader of the blog asked me to do a round up of baby carriers for guys. I had planned on doing this much earlier by testing them out with weighted items but I figured the best test would be with an actual baby...so I waited.

I looked at 3 different carriers; the Moby Wrap, the Ergo Baby Carrier and an organic BabyBjorn Carrier.

I had to move some of my reviews off this blog so click here to see the original post...it's good stuff so it's worth the click.

February 10, 2010

My hundredth post: seriously a clips post?

In my last post I mentioned I was working on getting some celebs for this post. I was in talks with the quarterback of the Saints whatever his name is...I'm sure I could look it up. I was also trying to get Conan...those talks were going really well but then NBC squashed it. There were more but the moral is it's just me.

So I thought I'd do a clips post to show my journey from dude who was scared of kids to dad. If you're new to my blog this will be a CliffsNotes version of what you missed. If you've been checking it out for awhile think of this as a best of. And since a blog can't work like a TV show if you want to get the full clip show experience you'll have to click through to the posts...but this will give you the gist.

In the beginning...Staci and I wanted to have a child but we both had totally different experience with kids. Kids have always been magically attracted to her...which is probably why she is so great at her career as a Montessori teacher. Kids however are more distant with me.

I saw this as a plus because they totally freak me out. I didn't know what to say to them expcept to say I thought they have cool shoes...they seem to like that. When I was in a place where there where many kids, observing Staci's classroom for one, I would freeze up and feel really uncomfortable when they come and talk to me. I'm ADD so sensory overload isn't easy but this did it to me.

Whether it was trying to field their tough question like, "how are you?" (seriously that would stump me when a child asked it.) or dodging flapping pieces of bologna as they ask why I'm a vegetarian, what it means, what I eat, am I Staci's brother, why I'm a vegetarian, do I like cheese, why not, what's a vegetarian, am I sure I'm not Staci's brother...well you get the point...I would completely shut down and need to escape fast.

But we wanted to have a child so we started trying...Staci was in the camp that it could take a long time to get pregnant. I totally aknowledged that but still was in the camp that it could happen in the first cycle. After about 8 pregnancy tests we learned hat I was right...as usual.

So we were a couple months ahead of our optimal pregnancy time which wasn't a big deal except it through of her plans of having the baby after the school year was over.

The cool thing is we pretty much hit our goal of a five year plan...waiting to be married five years before we got pregnant. We found out a couple weeks before our anniversary and her nausea cut our plans a bit short...but all was good and we felt pretty lucky.

I should step back a week or two to right after we found out she was pregnant...I know I'm supposed to say we were pregnant but I feel bad saying that because I didn't have all the side effects...well I did have one...I started forgetting everything. Anyway two days after she peed on sticks I told Staci she looked a little bloated and isn't that weird because it's so soon...turns out I was right again because it was bloat, not weight...however it was a bad move...and it was a bad move when I said it again a month later.

But she forgot about that gaff when the next day when I told her I thought her nausea was psychosomatic. I actually thought the blog would be primarily about me screwing up but I got smart pretty fast.

And then the waiting game began...it was so early and we had to wait for the milestone tests at 12 and 20 weeks. Until then I worried about everything...especially when we found out she had high HCG levels...it could have been twins...I freaked out a bit. The short story there is yes, we could fit two twin beds in our second bedroom.

But at our first ultrasound we found out there was only one pre-kid hanging out. I was amazed at how crazy active he was at this point...I didn't know that they moved around so much at 12 weeks. He was super active through the whole pregnancy which means teen years will be fantastic.

One kid who in all ultrasound pics, once we could see body parts, had it's hand on it's head...it was all about drama for our pre-kid. Funny thing is that when Miloh needs comfort he puts one of his hands to his head like in those images.

Once we let people know we were expecting the asked the inevitable question about whether I wanted a boy or a girl...and not all liked my answer. Apparently you're supposed to say you don't care as long as it's healthy. I said I preferred a boy...nothing against having a girl...I just don't understand little girl clothes at all.

I wrote about the boy vs. girl question an hour before we went to the clinic to find out what the gender our pre-kid was. We weren't supposed to find out for three more days but Staci weaseled her way in.

Staci had made up a card that we handed to the radiologist...on it were two boxes, one said boy, the other said girl. We planned on going to a nice lunch and opening the card during dessert. However Miloh, or the pre-kid as we knew him back then, decided to screw with us and keep his legs closed. Staci was quite bummed to not know the gender because she is a planner. I was actually happy because I wanted it to be a surprse for her...she get's so excited when she is surprised.

We did some of those old wives tales tests to see what gender of baby you'll have. I just randomly picked some that looked interesting...unfortunately I picked an even number of test and, well...the results were split down the middle.

Then since we didn't know the gender we had to look for both boy and girl names...I teased you all with the name...we wanted it to begin with an 'M' for Staci's grandmother Minnie and end with and 'H' for Hilda her great aunt. They were always flanking Staci and it meant a lot to her. Guesses included; Moth (one of my faves), Menenomenah and Menorah but we ended up with Miloh and two potential girl names. I also gave a little insight into my last name, which is my maternal grandfathers name...I changed it a while ago because my father is an ass.

Somewhere in there I decided to compare children to dogs. It's because I'm not a dog person but I have a dog and I love her...however I don't like ever dog out there. So I wondered if I would be the same way with kids...I'll tell you I probably opened up to kids more than I have dogs. I've actually been known to start conversations with them and hold their hands while they cross the street.

I realized my attitude about becoming a dad was changing when I had a 20 minute conversation about stroller design with a coworker. I also started thinking about how I was making the transition from normal guy to father...before that I had a mental block of being a father. I realized that it didn't need to change me but instead just added a role in my life.

But even though I was getting more comfortble with becoming a dad I still had my moments of freaking out, like when I thought of how the first few weeks would be. I saw it as a bit like M.A.S.H. meatball surgery. Staci and I had a plan for how to handle the crazy...a plan that no one should look at because it involves me staying up a bit later than what we later decided on.

Then we had a bit of a scare which wound up being a fire drill for the real moment we needed to get to the hospital. The moral of that story was I was a bit unprepared and needed to get my shit together so I had keys and wallet ready to go.

We were thinking of going to a birth class a friend passed along some great wisdom...her own version of the class.  

On burping the baby: you don't really need to do it like you did before...the new bottles make it less necessary...you know what you're doing with that, you don't need to learn.

On bathing the baby: you put the baby in the cute whale tub...the baby hates the cold water...you fight the babies squirming and it comes out clean.

On labor: Kenny will tell you to breathe...you say shut the fuck up...and then you have the baby.

As the due date came around I thought about what I think makes a good dad. It started with eggs because a lot of people like how their dad's make eggs...but I hate eggs so of course I over analyzed the problem. I realized that for me waffles would be my thing.

Then Miloh was born and he was perfect. He changed me a lot. Where I was once scared of handling a baby because I was scared their neck would flop back I was immediately holding him one-handed. It just felt natural.

I've learned that cooing is one of the most comforting things a baby can ever do. I find myself singing songs to him about what's in the refrigerator...I don't know many lullabies. I've had other side effects that include trying to eat him up...but he got my nose.

And now I can proudly say that I mastered the swaddle...I've come a long way from my trial run of swaddling a cat to being able to wrap Miloh in a pretty mean swaddle.

I can also proudly say I'm a dad...it rocks...and I woldn't be one with out Staci who amazes me every day.

February 7, 2010

Week two in numbers

Here are week two's numbers...as a reminder they start on a Friday and go until Thursday and these are only for this week. Numbers are tallied and verified by an independent conslting firm.

Heads up that my next post will be my hundredth post. It will be a huge posting event with many celebrities, reality TV stars, musicians and such* so it might take a couple days for it to go live.

 *There is no gaurantee that celebrities, reality TV stars and musicians will be part of the event...but there will definitely be some 'and such.'

February 4, 2010

Gear Thursday: Ghostbusters

I'm not really a video game reviewer...but then this isn't really a game review.

A while ago I did a post where I mentioned that at first I thought I'd be able to hang with my sleeping baby and play some Wii.

Yada yada...I bought Ghostbusters: The Video Game for Wii. I was attracted to the game because it had the original actors in it and Aykroyd and Ramis, who wrote the films, helped to write the story.

I popped it in my Wii yesterday and started to play...here's how gameplay went.

Step one: Disc goes into the console.

Step two: Miloh starts crying because he has a wet diaper.

Step three: Change said diaper and get back to the game.

Step four: The game starts out in the Ghostbusters' firehouse with little introduction to how the gameplay works. It takes some getting used to because you use the remote and not the nunchuk to look around. It tells me to check out the car.

Step five: Miloh cries because he wants to be bounced and have pacifier...so we bounced and he got his pacifier.

Step six: Back to the game...I go upstairs and talk to the Ghostbusters' gang. They send me on a mission to that hotel in the original movie...more ghosts came back. Again there is a bit of a tutorial on how to do stuff. It's kind of fun and I get to blow stuff up.

Step seven: Miloh cries because he needs a bottle...so he gets fed.

Step eight: Save the game with practically no progress because I'm tired.

Conclusion: The graphics are cool...and the gameplay is fun. One of the things I don't like about some games is that you can finish them really fast. Given the experience I had yesterday I don't think I'll finish it any time soon...so that's good, right?

Anyway if you like video games you might want to check it out...it got some great reviews.

Oh and Gear Thursday won't be a weekly thing anymore, but I do have some good things I'm working on including a baby carrier round-up.

February 3, 2010

Side effects include:

Of course the obvious one would be drowsiness. Then I guess sleeplessness goes along with that...or maybe is the cause of it.

But I'm experiencing some other unexpected side effects.

One would be the feeling of youthfulness. not sure why but sometimes when I'm hanging with the little dude I feel much younger...early twenties.

Abdominal pain. Miloh likes when we sit on an exercise ball and bounce up and down. We're getting some good ab workouts from doing this.

Leg cramping. He also likes when I hold him and bounce my legs up and down like a squat. And he knows the subtle differenc in the way this and the ball feels. So while it's tough on my legs, like a day of snowboarding, it's also a good workout.

Delesions of grandeur. Well maybe grandeur isn't the right word (see next symptom) because it's more that I feel big in the physical sense. Or rather that I'm noticing how incredibly tiny he is. Like I've said many times I, until Miloh I hadn't spent large amounts of times with a baby. Maybe I'd hold them for a minute or such...but beig around him all the time really makes me think how tiny babies are. It's crazy.

Forgetfulness. Sometimes it's just forgetting simple words. Other times it's me standing in the aisle of a store with 3 things written on a list while I know there is a fourth thing to buy. Standing, looking around and thinking. The thinking that maybe what I need is in the pet food aisle only to go there, hang for a bit and walk away. Then only when I get home and Staci asks for the cabbage do I remember that fourth item. To be fair 'cabbage' and 'cat' start with the same sound so the pet food aisle wasn't far off.

Cannibalism. I never really understood the whole "he's so cute I could eat him up" thing. Now I understand it...last night I told Miloh I could eat him up and I stuck his hand in my mouth. Funny thing is like father like son, bcause he then put my nose in his.

Rambling. I'm not really sure if the sentences I'm stringing together here make any sense. See drowsiness, sleeplessness and forgetfulness.

Took awhile... Here's an infographic of MF's first year

I finished this about a year ago just for my personal use but thought I'd share it. It's a visualization of MF's first year in n...