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week 18

May 20-27

Miloh's 1st quarter of his first year in numbers.

I've always had a thing for numbers, which is why I do these infographics, but I haven't taken a math class since the second day of senior year of high school. At the time I was given a small math problem and here it is: Kenny can get college credit for a math class or he can drop the class and go home early because it's his last class of the day. I chose wisely. And all my teachers said I would need math in my later life. It can be argued that I used it all the time in fact in college I wrote a paper on how photography is math in order to get out of my math credits (I had a ton of science credits, including astrophysics so it wasn't like I was a slacker.) But really the teachers were wrong...I don't need to use math because I have a sister who is   Statistics and Math Professor at Ohio State University. If I have a math question she's only 10 digits away (she would probably want me to point out that it's actually 11 digits because of the

Gear Thursday: Real Nappies Diaper Review

A bit ago we made the switch to cloth diapers...I forget when exactly but if you really care you can probably check out my infographics because I mention it on one of those. Any way when we made the switch I learned a few things about cloth diapers: They are easier to use than you'd think. You wind up touching a lot of pee (because you have to get the liner out of the cover.) The first few times you experience poo in a cloth diaper you will want to throw it away. You won't throw it away because they are expensive - upfront cost, but are cheaper in the long run. You will do a shitload of laundry...not sure if that's a pun but if it is then the pun is intended. The one size fits all cloth diapers are bullshit (see above re: pun) There are a shitload of different kinds of cloth diapers (see above re: pun.) If you don't have a good diaper pail bag the room will smell craptastic very soon (see above re: pun) It's obnoxious to basically make the s

Like father like son

Miloh puts his foot in his mouth every day

Week 17 in numbers

New look and my blog was reviewed

As you can see my blog has a new look to it. I had to change it up because somehow my code broke (maybe I tweaked something, maybe blogger did) and comments weren't showing up correctly...and since I can't write/fix code and can only tweak it I had to start from scratch. If you've been here a lot in the last 18 hours you would have seen many background color changes. It started darker like my other site and flip-flopped about 20 times as I struggle with my personality vs, what people were used to vs 50% of the adults in my house not really liking the I give you a white washed wood panel look... UPDATE: I already changed back to the darker look... Anyway you're probably stuck with this look unless I tweak the background 1000 times more...but it will basically stay like this for a bit because I like the way the posts look in this template. Not sure why I feel I have to justify the change, not sure how much people will care but that's who I am. Al

You were wrong Mr. Smith...boys do cry

yeah I'm re-using a pic but it works so well Here's a little story that has laughter, a hell of a lot of tears and a happy ending. It's basically like Shrek and should therefore be picked up by Pixar. If you are from there please contact me so we can work together. The story is about how we got putting Miloh to sleep. It starts with with an earlier pos t called Sweet Child O Mine. A post that talks about how I started going insane while trying to put him to sleep when he was a month old. Once we got over that hump it was smooth sailing. With the help of a twitter mom (thanks Mae) we came up with a great routine of bath, bottle then sleep, while we switched who put him to sleep every other night. Then something would happen...we'd bath him, give him the bottle, comfort him until a bit sleepy and then put him in his bed. The second the he hit the mattress he would start wasn't fun...not at all. Staci and I had theories...mine was teething w

Two for Tuesday

A diptych for your viewing pleasure

Week 16 in numbers

I originally had a milestone for this week in here so I had to repost.

Response to a comment about breastfeeding

Since I'm a dude and unable to produce milk from I never thought I woul have to defend the reason we formula feed instead of breast feed. But I received a comment on a recent post so I thought I would talk about it here. I'll get to the why we don't later but I'll start off on a tangent. First off I don't want to alienate the person who asked the comment because they say they are a reader and I'm cool with anyone stopping by. But I can't call the person out anyway because the comment was anonymous...and here is where I go into a little bit of a rant, and if you follow me on twitter you know I'm a fan of the rant. I'm assuming the comment was anonymous on purpose. Perhaps the person is a friend or someone I follow on twitter. Maybe they didn't want to ruin that relationship by coming out and saying it. I'm  a big boy and can handle criticism. Anonymous comments are never things like "Where did you get that cool toy?" they ar

An I took some photos Friday

I set these shots up to take some pics of Miloh for his grandmothers, as a Mother's Day present. He had just drooled all over himself, but I was only planning on getting a close up of his face, then I widened the crop for some.

A little spill

I don't know why but I did't think he'd be able to tip over the water.

Gear Thursday: Coddlelife Bottles with Peristaltic Anti-colic Nipple

This will probably be my only post in which I use the word nipple... Coddlelife sent me a couple bottles and a silicone wrap to review. Once I received it I realized it's really hard to review know because I don't use one. But I can talk about what I think Miloh's thoughts would be. I think they would be good...he took to the nipple right away. I was wondering because the design is really breastfeeding friendly and he isn't a fan of the boob...but he seemed to dig it. He had no problems drinking and didn't seem gassier than usual. I wasn't expecting he would be since it's an anti-colic design. I tried two different bottles out; the 8 oz. borosilicate glass bottle and the 8 oz. Polypropylene Bottle (BPA free.) I liked both and especially liked the glass one because I did glass over plastic and it was super light. They have a silicone wrap to go over the glass one so it doesn't slip. The plastic one was nice too...I like the squat siz

What week is it in numbers?

The answer is week fifteen...but I'm late on this and time seems to be flying by.

Adventures in floor bedding

A lot of folks have asked Staci and I questions about the floor bed. What it is exactly, when to do it, how to do it. I tried to answer them in a post I did a bit ago. But the most asked question is what do you do if he rolls off. Our first answer was always that we didn't need to worry about it because he wouldn't roll for a while. But in reality the answer is that the mattress is 4-5 inches tall and there is a rug under it so if he rolls off he'll be okay since it's not long like the carpet. Also if he was able to roll off he'd have the ability to be mobile and get to his back. That's all in theory...on Mother's Day we were finally able to answer the question in practice. We had just put him on his bed for a nap...then we talked about how we were happy that we figured out a nice routine from him and that we were working as a great team. We walked downstairs and heard a little giggle on the radio monitor. So we turned on the video monitor...there wa

Miloh's third month in numbers

Mother's Day in Numbers

This is the card I made for Staci...Happy Mother's Day.

Holy shit I've been interviewed

I'm trying to rank high on Google for a search of holy shit...anyway I was interviewed for the blog written by the fine folks at Modern can check it out here . But while you're over there check out Modern Bird Studios , the studio behind the blog. This dude Gregg creates custom hand painted works of art from your photos. The paintings are on a thick oak composite so you can see the real wood grain, but you can customize it with any color combination you want. UPDATE: they have a giveway right you should enter . It's really awesome stuff and they offer a great way to get some custom one-of-a-kind art in your house.

My alien abduction theory...

I'll start by saying I believe in aliens. From what I've read about the new Stephen Hawking show I probably have a similar view. I wish I had seen the show but I have this little kid who's been stealing my time. I don't think they are coming here and abducting us...because I agree that if they did it probably wouldn't be good. But I do have a theory about abduction and it came to me the other day while changing Miloh. You always here that they are abducted by human like figures at night. The abductee is placed on a table. They are often under lights and then they are prodded. Well that's exactly the experience Miloh had the other night. His room was dark, a human like figure picked him up, placed him on a table, turned a bright light on, stuck a metal probe in his butt and then placed him back in his bed. The human like figure was of course me. He had been fussy and puked earlier in the day so before I did his night feeding I tool his temperature. I tu

Another guest post

I did a little guest post a bit ago for , the post is below the original pre-amble. If you head to you can see a little guest post I wrote. It's about being a daddy blogger in the midst of a bunch of mommy bloggers. The post is kicking off Tiffany's new site. It used to be called Feels Like Home but then some other blogger felt that she owned the name because she was thinking about to registering the name...even though really the name comes from a song. And I think it's pretty ridiculous that the other woman threatened a law suit because of this. And that BS and some other twitter high school antics lead me to one of my greatest literary feats...a little rant on twitter. The image is below, if you click on it you can read the whole goes from the bottom up. A little warning if you read it...there may be an f-bomb or 20...and now it's in the Library of Congress...awesome. Here's the post from When Tiffany ask

Week 14 in numbers