February 23, 2011

Yeah I really hate this class, hate this class, hate this class. Yeah I really hate this class please just shoot me.

We signed Miloh up for a music class that started early winter. It was to the good place in town.

When Staci asked if I was excited I really couldn't answer... I think I said "I guess so."

It's because I hadn't really thought of what the class would be like... but then the night before the class I got a picture of what it would be in my head. It was going to be filled with lots of cool percussion instruments and world music.

I was wrong.

If you've been to a toddler music class you know what they are like. They're completely different from my vision. It was a bright white room that looked like any room. It was stocked with all sorts of instruments but nothing special.

You probably know where this is going... and hopefully could figure that out by the title of the post. I'm not saying the classes are bad for all folks... but it was a super painful for me.

I realized I wasn't going to dig it once we started the activities. Each one would start with a transition song... not sure if that's what you'd call it but that's what I'm going with.

There was a fifty percent said song would be to the tune of London Bridges, a forty-nine percent chance it would be to Good Night Ladies and a one percent chance it would be to another song.

Who am I kidding it would be a straight 50/50 split.

Let's get out the rhythm sticks, rhythm sticks, rhythm sticks. Let's get out the rhythm sticks right now kiddos. 

Bang the drum kids, bang the drum kids, bang the drum kids and dance around right now. 
I'm not knocking the sticks or the drum... I actually really like the rhythm sticks, we bought a pair for Miloh, and the drum, he has one that he smiled bigger than I've ever seen when he first saw it. I just couldn't stand the activities. Oh... and I'm not a singer. In elementary school when we had to sing in our yearly event I wouldn't even pretend to move my lips. Still to this day I just mumble happy birthday if I'm forced to.

Miloh was on the same page I was with the class. While he liked the instruments he had other things to do... hug every kid in class, steal pacifiers from kids when we got rid of his, stick his hands in the electrical sockets.

That last one sounds more dangerous than it is because the sockets had been child-proof... but he, like most kids, is like a moth to a flame with shiny metal sockets.

Once Miloh started walking, after his third class, it got worse. He just wanted to run around and have fun. The problem is you have some arents in classes like that who don't think kids should be kids. He was having fun, not really disrupting anyone, but he was being judged... let's be honest, we were being judged.

The one thing the class had for it was each section was only about two minutes long. That seems about right for my attention span early on a Saturday morning.

So we dropped the class which is a great lesson for Miloh. If the going gets tough just run away because it's easier.

We enrolled him in one of those gym classes.

It's so much better for him, Staci and me. He can run around all he wants. They want him in circle time but if he's having fun no one cares what he's doing. Plus Staci was a gymnast, I truly apologize that I have no pics available, and I alway s wanted to to gymnastics, but my father didn't want me to because I think he though it would make me gay.

I'd love him to get in to gymnastics. Maybe not professionally because they are really hard on themselves when they mess up. But it can translate into biking and of course snowboarding... and we all know he's going to be a pro who supports us with his crazy huge winnings.

So I don't see any music classes in his future. I can see him playing the drums... although it would kill Staci and me because we both grew up with older siblings who drummed (if that's a word) and the drum kit can get painful after awhile.

And let's pretend this sentence wraps everything up in a nice little package better than that last one did.

February 6, 2011

The worst thing ever... well, no the worst but not good.

Like the title says this isn't the worst thing ever. The worst thing would be is something happened to Miloh or Staci or any of our families... except my father.

Also I guess you could say "something happened" could mean something good, like winning the lottery. If you misunderstood that I'd have to say the lottery wouldn't be the worst thing... it would be pretty good... unless it happened to my father. Although if he won the lottery I'd give him a call and say "hey, I've been trying to get ahold of you for years but I lost your phone number."

But here's why I'm coming to the folks on the world wide web asking for some help. We unfortunately need to rehome our dog Kalli and maybe she can find a home from someone here.

This really freaking sucks and not something we're taking lightly so anyone who is even thinking of leaving some dumb ass comment should just go read something else.

Kalli's an amazing dog, so loving, so kind and she's full of spirit. She's the only dog I'd ever want and we are lucky to have her.

And if you haven't seen the video she loved Miloh early on.

The problem is Kalli's not happy in our house now that Miloh is mobile. She gets aggravated and stressed around him. She hasn't bitten and I don't think she ever would. She's not aggressive to people (she does have some food aggression with dogs but that's pretty normal).

Our nanny alerted us earlier this week that there was a problem. Then Thursday when I was hanging at home during the day I saw it too. Total fear in Kalli's eyes.

Miloh's just trying to be a loving kid. A kid who runs to hug her and lay on her. But like a lot of dogs she gets freaked. We make sure he doesn't crawl on her or grab her butt however we've realized that isn't enough. We know that the change of Miloh walking could be a temporary thing that Kalli needs to get used to so we called our trainer to see what she could help us with.

And she came by today. She's an amazing trainer and has a lot of education and experience... and with any luck soon she'll be getting a PHD in something animal related (I think she said animal behavior but that was hours ago and I forgot). What I'm trying to say is she's not just a yahoo that decided to train dogs one day.

She knows Kalli's demeanor and could assess her really well. She saw the fear and stress that Kalli felt.

We learned some great desensitization techniques to get Kalli used to being touched on her butt and stalked by a kid. We talked about how to separate them when we're both not around to watch the situation. Then she talked about Kalli and what is best for her and honestly it's a new home.

We could separate them until Miloh gets it and can learn to give her space. The problem is we're not sure how long that would take. And in that time we could be create more stress or alienation. We'll have to crate Kalli at times even when we're around.

And once Miloh does learn to give Kalli her boundaries Kalli could feel upset about being separated and stressed and therefore act out more.

In the end we asked our trainer to be honest about what we should do with Kalli... and she said that she thinks Kalli would be better in a home without kids... or at least one with older kids.

Like I said earlier we don't take this decision lightly. When we got Kalli we intended to keep her for life. She is part of the family.

Right after Miloh was born Staci made we watch Marley and Me. I had no intention on seeing it but it was on TV so we watched. I balled. That's how I saw Kalli. I knew she'd be best friends with Miloh... I couldn't wait to see it happen.

I'm sure some folks will think we're doing the wrong thing... Staci already got a comment on Facebook. Part of our decision is fear for Miloh's safety... although as I said before I don't think Kalli would hurt her or any person so that's a smaller part of the fear... at least for me.

The reality is we need to do what's best for Kalli. I hated seeing her afraid. I don't want her to feel stressed and unsafe in her house. I want her to have the awesome life that she should have. And I want her to make some other person or family as happy as she makes us.

So if you live near the Twin Cities, or know someone who does, and want a truly amazing dog please email me.

Here are her stats.

The Good:

  • We think she's an American Dingo although when we first got her they thought Shepherd/Pharoah hound mix. She's go the look and demeanor of an American Dingo.
  • She's six years old and fixed... no baby Kallis to worry about
  • She's all up to date on shots and all that stuff
  • She's got an AVID chip so if she gets lost she can be found
  • She's super sweet
  • She loves long walks (possibly on the beach)
  • She runs crazy fast so folks at the park will be amazed
  • She is a lover... she loves napping with folks
  • She's crate trained and can hang in a crate or in a room when alone (she won't tear up the room)
  • She loves playing and doing tricks

The not as good:
  • She eats poo... a lot of dogs do but it's gross
  • She attacks cars... not sure why but they scare her. If she's on a leash you're fine of course.
  • She will take off if not on leash... but all dogs should be on leash. She comes back but like I said she attacks cars so really it's scary.
  • She does have food aggression... but that just means you shouldn't have her around another dog and food. She could care less if we grab at her food.

If you think we're asses for wanting to find her a new home please keep it to yourself and don't leave a comment. Because if you do one of three things will happen. I'll delete it, people will leave comments about how you're an ass and then we have this huge debate on my blog or I'll decide to write a post about how you're being assholistic.

Update: I forgot to add that today we also learned that in some cultures people use dogs to lick the poo butts of children. And there is a theory that it could be only of the early reasons dogs were domesticated... mmm.

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