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Yeah I really hate this class, hate this class, hate this class. Yeah I really hate this class please just shoot me.

We signed Miloh up for a music class that started early winter. It was to the good place in town. When Staci asked if I was excited I really couldn't answer... I think I said "I guess so." It's because I hadn't really thought of what the class would be like... but then the night before the class I got a picture of what it would be in my head. It was going to be filled with lots of cool percussion instruments and world music. I was wrong. If you've been to a toddler music class you know what they are like. They're completely different from my vision. It was a bright white room that looked like any room. It was stocked with all sorts of instruments but nothing special. You probably know where this is going... and hopefully could figure that out by the title of the post. I'm not saying the classes are bad for all folks... but it was a super painful for me. I realized I wasn't going to dig it once we started the activities. Each one would s

The worst thing ever... well, no the worst but not good.

Like the title says this isn't the worst thing ever. The worst thing would be is something happened to Miloh or Staci or any of our families... except my father. Also I guess you could say "something happened" could mean something good, like winning the lottery. If you misunderstood that I'd have to say the lottery wouldn't be the worst thing... it would be pretty good... unless it happened to my father. Although if he won the lottery I'd give him a call and say "hey, I've been trying to get ahold of you for years but I lost your phone number." But here's why I'm coming to the folks on the world wide web asking for some help. We unfortunately need to rehome our dog Kalli and maybe she can find a home from someone here. This really freaking sucks and not something we're taking lightly so anyone who is even thinking of leaving some dumb ass comment should just go read something else . Kalli's an amazing dog, so loving, so