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Taking Miloh for a ride (wheels part two of most likely three)

Late winter I started looking for a good way to get Miloh on my bike for some riding. You all know the basic choices out there basically trailers and bike seats. I'm not a fan of the bike seats that go in the back because I have an irrational fear that Miloh would fall out and I wouldn't know. Actually knowing Miloh it's not so irrational. He's too smart for his own good and he's able to Houdini his way out of most anything. I'm also not a fan of the trailers. I'm sure they are perfectly safe but there's still that irrational fear and I think they're not easily visible. I almost hit one in a parking lot once because it didn't have a tall flag on it. I just couldn't see it and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Back when Miloh was only known as MF and not Miloh, because we didn't know what gender he was, I found a cool trailer that's actually a side car. I love this but it costs over $500 and that's not super fun. Also I

Wheels (part one of probably three)

I'm brainwashing MIloh. I admit it. Staci caught me doing it one morning. When it's my time to do morning duty I let Miloh watch a little video on the computer after he's done with breakfast. It's a video I've shared on here before in a post about things that inspire me. The first time he saw it there was a tiny Miloh clap in the middle. The second time he watched it jaw half open in amazement. The third time he gave the more symbol at 4 minutes in which is actually a kick ass part and one of my favorites, and I'm not sure how much more Danny can give. The fourth time was magical... For me at least. Miloh said Bike-er. Then he smiled and clapped. It's no secret that I love biking and that I'd love Miloh to enjoy it too. I've been working on making him a sweet trike even though he's too short to ride it right now. I have plans to build him a super cool 12" bike and his first BMX bike will be my 1988 Haro Master . If he doesn'

Miloh's 4th quarter of his first year in numbers.

Less late than the last one. Click to enlarge or check it below

Miloh's 3rd quarter of his first year in numbers.

Just a bit late.

A letter to my Representative or If gay people can get married it would hurt my pocket book.

This post is a little off subject but whatever. It gets in to politics and I don't talk about them much really to anyone... Except I may have tweeted my thoughts once or a million. Any who I'm really sick of politics right now, especially in Minnesota. It seems that the majority cares more about defining marriage as between a man and a woman than balancing the budget. And that's just freaking ridiculous. To make it more ridiculous there is already a law on the MN books that says marriage is between a man and a woman. Now on the 2012 ballot there will be a bill that will define it on the MN constitution as between a man and a woman... Just in case the law isn't enough. I have a feeling if the vote does get put it in the constitution they will then want another law to make gay marriage super double crazy bad. Anyway I'm kind of sick of it so I wrote a letter to my representative... I'll upload the response when I get it but I have a feeling it will go some

A letter to Miloh

I was keeping away from doing that "Letter to my kid" thing because in a way this is a letter to him and I don't want to get super personal on the blog. But then Mandy from some blog I can't remember the name of wrote a post  to her daughter Harper about some of their happenings. I thought maybe I'll do a post like that when Miloh turns a year and a half... And then periodically afterwards. Then the ubiquitous Google Ad , which was surprisingly hard to find with a search on youtube, with the dad writing emails to his kid showed up... And it pulls on my heartstrings and makes me feel like a horrible father for not writing letters to Miloh since day one. So I'm gonna try to do that. I was going to set up an email account at URL I bought him when he was a week old... I was so tired when I did it that I hadn't remembered it until it was set for auto-renew a year later, but I decided to do a gmail one because I won't have to port the emails over if I

Project "I Haven't Taken A Math Class Since 11th Grade And Got Out Of It In College By Saying Photography Is Math" part five

Here's my photos for the 55555555555 project I was doing with some other dude bloggers out there. You can find the other posts  here ,   here , here and here . Also if you're on the twitter you can find all the people of five to the fourth power there. Billy , David , Gregg and Jason Something Green: Miloh's trike in progress.  Ridiculous shoes: Puma Poparts. Not ridiculous... Just Awesome Something at a id's eye view: Every kid loves these and I don't understand why they are right at their eye level. Favorite toy: Mine right now, and Miloh's soon. His trike in progress. Favorite person: I'm not stupid... They're both in there.

Four down... the last guest post for project fuzzy math.

Here's the last post in the 5555 or 55555 project I'm doing with some other guy bloggers out there. These come to you from  iHubby . He has a real name that for some reason a lot of folks don't know... It's Jason. He's tried to get me out to Oregon to snowboard and while it hasn't happened yet I'm sure it will... I'm a bit jealous he lives near mountains. Here's his stuff.... Enjoy. Green - Huge Oregon fan and the field is always amazing when I see it. (I thought it was for Oprah. - Kenny) Shoes - wore these as a best man. the pink is due to being told 5 times i was going to have to wear pink, so i made it happen. Toy - I still get a LEGO set every christmas. best toys ever. (I wish I still got legos at Hanukkah. -  Kenny) Kid's POV - My nephew can never leave my DVD collection alone. he was captivated by it. Favorite Person - My wife, Denise. my rock. been through thick and thin.  You can fing the earlier posts  here ,  here

Third times a charm... another guest post from another dude.

If you saw the the first two posts this week you know some guys decided to a photo project called 5555 (or something like that). First post is here . Second one here . Today's images are from Gregg founder and CEO of The Lame Sauce . Although he claims to be lame he's not. He's a great artist and you can see his cute painting for kids at Mod Tots , and custom stuff over at Modern Bird Studios . Here are his photos: Something green. I paint. All day I paint. These cans of spray paint are the constant sounds and smells of my day. This is Montana Gold: Greenery. Rich straight up green. boom. Hemp slip on Vans. I have nothing else to say. (I have nothing else to say either - Kenny) Children's toys. My son is in love with Woody. We got him this for Xmas.  The blanket thing in front of that is a little security thing. It's an elephant head with a blanket body.  My wife wanted to call it his "lovie" but I felt that was too girly sounding.  In the

Part two of the tough math guest post.

So you take 5 guys and have them take five photos of specific things; something green, ridiculous shoes, a favorite toy, one taken at a kid's eye-level and a favorite person, and you get something. Maybe you can call it Five For Photographing but I have a feeling that Five For Fighting is a horrible band that you wouldn't want a name of a project to be anywhere close to their name. So here's day two from David of Get Daddy Some Gin . I apoulougize if the rest ouf this poust has soume spelling mistakes but he's froum Canada and they add 'u's tou pretty much every wourd that has an 'o'. Sou, here gou's aye. First his little statement (I added the 'u's where he missed them): Mine were shout using Instagram, all with the "Earlybird" filter except the green lights, which was using the "Touaster" filter. I used this methoud primarily because I actually really like the applicatioun and tend tou use it a lout while I'

Five to the fourth power or maybe just 25 - guest post.

Five Shots. May fifth. Five Dude Bloggers. I'm not sure how to do the math. It's 25 shots but there are four fives in the project. It's mind blowing and the only one who could probably figure out the math is that  12-year-old kid  who basically called Einstein and idiot. Somehow 5 dudes on twitter came together with an assignment of taking five pics on May fifth. One was supposed to be something green, one of your (my) most ridiculous shoes, one of your or your/a kid's favorite toy, one taken at a kid's eye-level and the last of your favorite person. We're posting one person's shots per day. Today is Billy (or William). You can find him on his blog Poop Life Something green Most ridiculous shoes (and also some sweet pretzel burger buns packaging) Favorite toy Taken at a kid's eye level Favorite person

A little game I play

When driving I play a little game. It's called Drunk, Texting or Talking. I look at the shitty drivers I'm behind and try to figure out what's impairing their ability to drive. Then I pull up to see if I'm right. Most of the time it's talking on the phone. Every once in a while it's someone texting... Usually when it's texting it's a teen. I think teens shouldn't be able to drive until 18 but that will change once Miloh hits 16. One of the things that scares me most about teens is their parents want them to be safe so they buy them an SUV. This makes it so much more dangerous for everyone else on the road. So why am I rambling? It's that time of year again... I'm going to be scooting a lot. I had to wait a bit because it's been cold and the roads have been full of gravel from the winter. The gravel would be okay if my wheels were larger than 10 inches. They finally swept the streets and the weather is nice... so I'll link to a

A couple firsts... Including the first post Miloh will want me to delete or Foursquare is ridiculous

I'm kinda tired... as is Staci. We spent the midnight hours and later in the ER. You'd all have known where we were and when we were there if I used Foursquare, but I don't because I think it's ridiculous. As a marketer I think it's got great potential for genius... As a person I could care less. I don't care if anyone is as Target buying toilet paper. Or Starbucks getting a latte. In fact the only badge that really impresses me is the Nasa Explorer Badge earned by Douglas H. Wheelock for checking in on the International Space Station. But more on badges latter because I'm doing them one better... Or maybe 3 better. Back to the boy... Miloh has had a high temperature for a bit and it finally spiked late night Saturday. The nurseline told us to head to the ER. When we got there we expected a wait but Miloh was on cue and decided to puke as we were checking in. What's that mean you ask? It means he got a patent pending Smonkish Badge®, The First S