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Week 46 in numbers

December 3-9

Week 45 in numbers

November 26 - December 2

Another Holiday Gif

When you take 3 frames of a sweet moment and loop them it looks like torture... However Miloh isn't ripping off Kalli's head.

Miloh likes to feed himself

The world is a little less Random now

Kids are funny when they play with their pets and Miloh's no exception. There's of course the awesome video of the moment he and our dog Kalli truly bonded for the first time. There relationship changes by the day. It's usually great as he feeds her as he's being fed...except we're trying to stop that now. Every once in a while it will go sour when Miloh tries to climb her while she sleeps, but they end out making up with some smooches and licks. And if the leash is every left out Miloh will sit by the door and hold it up hoping to be able to take Kalli for a walk...he'll have to figure out the walking part before that really works. Then there is Zoggs our cat. He's a kitten type cat who always wants attention...yet when a 10 month old is chasing him he gets a bit squirrelly. When Miloh's able to catch him Zoggs will be manhandled a bit but he gets away when he wants. And finally there's Random. Aptly named you never really know what she&#

The Icky Bug Counting Book: A book report

Over a month ago I did my first book report for this blog and said I'd do some periodic reports on books that I feel miss the mark a bit for one reason or another. Perhaps they have run on sentences, innapropriate material or are have mistakes. Well time flies... and here's the second installment, which is really the first because the original post was a good book. Here goes. Cute cover The book I did a report on is called The Icky Bug Counting Book by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by his bestest friend in the world Ralph Masiello. The Icky Bug book is about icky bugs. It has icky bugs in it and it has numbers too... Damn I loved those kind of book reports. We don't own this book so I won't say it's the most thorough  report but what do you's like 32 pages and that's a lot. Anyway it starts out all cute, and with number one which is a fantastic place to start a counting book. One Then the next 14 numbers are great. Some

Get a Flakeover

Yeah I've been sick lately and not writing posts... but that will change shortly. I try to keep my work stuff separate from this site, but in this project Miloh makes a cameo–not the one in the pic above. Head over to , the website my company made for the holidays. A lot of good people spent time on it so I hope you enjoy and share with friends. Enjoy

On being sick: where I ramble about physics and other random things

I never really understood the phrase "Sick as a Dog." Using the Google and going to the number one ranked page  I found out that it was first used in the 1700s but no one really knows why it is used that way. So I'll just say I'm sick as a dog who has a horrible cold. I got said cold from MF. He hit the milestone of being sick for the first time. Little dude got sick Friday night and the only way to get him to stop crying and sleep was to sleep next to him. He needed to be touching one of us to feel comfortable. Really it's pretty common and we would have had him in our bed if we weren't 100% sure he would crawl over one of us and off the bed. So there I slept on the floor next to his floor bed...essentially making it a bed floor for both of us, he needed to curl up next to me. Every 45 minutes or so I would be awakened by being kicked in the head, crawled over or having a toy thrown at my feet. He'd wake and get antsy and since we had this stupid

A post straight from my heart

I thought I'd get a little serious today. People often say that Miloh's cute...and I don't think it's the bullshit "oh, he's so cute" thing you say to a friend with an ugly kid just because it would be horrible to say a kid was ugly.* I do think he's cute, in a objective, and subjective, way. But I actually figured out why he's cute and this is what this post is about. You seen he has a small head. At one time he was at 25% head size...he's now at 5%. This makes him look like a tiny version of an older kid. But it also makes him a Pea-Head...that's the street term. The politically correct term is Pea-Headed American. Not a lot of people talk about Pea-Headedness. I can't think of any time I've seen or read a news story about it. Dick Gordon from NPR's The Story never did a segment on Pea-Headed Americans. And since it's a bit unknown I thought I'd say a little bit about it. Pea-Headed Americans are just lik

Happy (C)Hanukkah