August 31, 2010

37 things that inspired me last year

Today is my b-day...

Last year on my birthday I tweeted 36 things that inspired me that year. Here are 37 things that inspired me this year. These will probably also be tweeted. I'm sure there have been more things...I will remember them tomorrow...oh well.

1. Being a dad
2. Staci as a mom
3 and 4. My 7D and a new photo project I started working on
5. a video of ants protesting
6. Mario meets skateboard decks
7. Anatomy posters of Gummi Bears and Gingerbread Men
8. Somehow hearing about the sculptor Do-Ho Suh
9 and 10. Creating infographics of Miloh's weeks and months...and a site that let's you create an infographic about you.
11. Learning how to create my own space photos...yes Miloh and I will do this when he's older. Another way to do it here.
12. Hello Again
13. Photos of people who look alike
14. Some animate gifs.
15. NYC Polaroid project
16. A hill
17. Hanging in Chicago with a buddy of mine and having one of his illustrations on Miloh's wall.
18. The Twelfth Man project
19. Some DIY pinhole cameras that make me want to buy some film.
20. An article about weird looking animals.
21. 87 cool digital things
22. Free shoes...thank you PF Flyers.
23. Ditching Comcast, getting Netflix on the Wii and discovering Better off Ted and Pushing Daisies.
24. Finally figuring next tattoo(s) to be...and allowing you to help me pay for it.
25. Any time I watch this video of Danny MacAskill...I dare you to not be blown away by it.
26. Discovering Band Of Horses from the aforementioned Dan MacAskill video...and creating a Pandora station from the song The Funeral.
27. A baby squirrel having a bit of trouble.
28. Finding out The Muppets have a youtube channel and are pushing out new stuff.
29. Photos of a skatepark at night.
30. An update to Michelangelo's La Pieta
31. Inventing the fake retweet.
32. Powerpoint as the enemy.
33. Videos of artists doing their thing.
34 and 35. A couple of sites to waste a lot of time making music. Site one. Site two.
36. Letterpress via dice.
37. Miloh

August 30, 2010

Things that are lame

Last week Gregg over at The Lame Sauce asked me to do a guest post on what I think is lame.

I chose dead beat dad...but not for the reason you'd think. Here it is in case you missed it there...enjoy and then check out his site.

This could really suck or The bestest guest blog post in the world.

I’m supposed to write about something I think is lame but that’s really tough for me. Maybe it’s because I’m so sarcastic, skeptical and blunt that I have just too many things on my List O-Lame that I’m having a hard time narrowing it down.

I could write about Facebook, because I think it’s pretty freaking lame. I guess it all depends on how you use it but I see too many sycophantic or high schoolish updates that it makes my skin crawl.
I could write about people using any type of location service on social media when it’s letting the world know you’re in such lame places as Target, the dry cleaner or a McDonald’s drive-thru. No one cares.

Also on my List O-Lame would be preachy people, Minnesota (or general bad) drivers, the lack of spell check on the Palm Os, cheese, waiting for a more than 22 minutes to get a table at a chain restaurant (none are that good that you need to wait that long, go somewhere else), this post, blended coffee drinks and such that makes it take 15 minutes to get my morning espresso and a whole lot more.

But what I want to talk about today is the lamenicity of dead beat dads. Although first I should mention that I think it’s lame when people call others out for making up words using real words and prefixes or suffixes we all know…c’mon pull that stick out of your butt.

It should be obvious why dead beat dads are lame, it’s pretty much in the name. I had one, although he’d say that legally he didn’t have to pay for raising his kids. So I guess I’d add people who try to run their ex-father-in-law’s business into the ground so that they don’t have to pay a cent in a divoce but instead get a payout monthly. Dirty laundry is lame too…but whatever.

So other than the biggies; not supporting your kids, not being a good role model for your kids and leaving the baby momma on the hook for everything I found another reason it’s totally lame.
Dead beat dads are missing a huge opportunity to meet the ladies…not only are they being lame to their kids but they are being lame towards themselves.

I never realized how much of a great prop a baby can be…or I would have borrowed someone’s kid when I was single.

I should really quickly caveat this by saying I love my wife and won't be using Miloh as a prop to meet the ladies. Ad that there is no way in hell I would have cared for anyone elses child when I was younger...although a friend and I though about getting a dog to share in order to meet women.

Ok back to the point…ever since Miloh was born when I have him in tow I get smiles from women. I believe it’s impossible for a woman to walk by a guy with a baby and not smile coyly at that guy.

It was noticeable from the first time we took him out but it really hit me the weekend my wife was out of town. I went to one of those outdoor malls and toted hime in his stroller. Women were abound, a lot with kids, and would look at Miloh and smile then look at me with a bigger smile.

I kid you not when I saw 2 women change their walking path to pass Miloh and I to say a flirty hello.
So to all dead beat dads out there please realize you’re missing a huge opportunity in meeting women if you don’t have your kids around with you. Babies would work better than any line about their father being a thief.

And maybe, just maybe if the dead beat dads of the world used their kids for their own selfish reasons there could be a little positive side effect of a kid being with it’s dad.
No complaints about the post…I said it would be lame.

August 25, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom: bad pickup lines

Wisdom for Miloh: know which lines work on girls and which don't.

Here are a list of bad ones...I know these are bad from experience:

  • We're good together if you don't talk
  • (Said after a break) You hooked up with a couple guys so I'll get back together with you but I get to hook up with a couple girls
  • I would never get serious with you because you have a boyfriend (don't judge...I was young)
  • How's that big tea? (said to a girl who when I gave her the tea she ordered said "that's a big tea"
I'm sure there are more but these are the ones that come to mind today...we can save the others for another time.

August 24, 2010

Touching pee: a post about cloth diapers.

Someone last week asked if I was going to do a cloth diaper report. I think this will be a two-part report because Staci can give the facts on them because she learned a lot by chatting with the folks at Bum Genius. So this one will be about how I feel about cloth diapers.

Looking back it seems like we started cloth diapers when Miloh was 4 months old. Before little dude was born (and he was just referred to as MF) we had 2 kinds of diapers, Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz. They were all one size fits all.

Here's the deal with one size fits's a lie.

Even when we put all the adjustable things to the smallest size they were too big for his tiny lil butt. And even if we did somehow get them to stay on (staples or duct tape) they would have been so bulky that he wouldn't be able to wear any clothes...and he was born in the winter so that wasn't an option.

We didn't really want to throw down the cash for the small size diapers because it was more temporary so we waited...and we filled up the land fills with Earth's Best diapers...they are the Earth's best so no one can really judge.

Then we finally made the switch to cloth. We started with the one small Bum Genius we had and a Real Nappies that was given to us. They worked well but we had him going hybrid (cloth and disposable) until he fit the regular Bum Genius diapers. They worked the best for his size at the time.

I really think Miloh was happier in them...they are after all much softer. If I wore diapers I don't think I'd pick some papery kind that has some weird gel stuff inside.

What I realized right of is I would be touching a lot of pee. A lot of pee. I'm not really sure how much pee I've touched but it has been a lot of pee. I mean if you were to somehow bottle the amount I guess it would look small because it's a surface area thing vs. a volume thing...but surface area wise there has been a lot of pee touched.

That's because the kinds we have consist of the cover with the diaper/towel thing in need to pull that out to wash it.

You'd think I'd be talking about all the poo we've touched but I think it's been minimal...there have been a couple incidents but nothing horrible (which I hate to admit because it's been established that Miloh reads this and tries to prove me wrong.)

Actually the other day Staci and I were talking about how disposable seem to be messier than cloth...not to get graphic but Miloh's had poo going up his back lately with disposable...never happened with cloth. I think because they are bigger and more absorbent. Isn't that some awesome conversation to have with your husband or wife? Yeah that's awesome.

Which brings me to why Miloh has been in disposables lately. He had some kind of first we were told it was heat rash...then we were told it was yeast.

Now if Miloh reads this in his teen years he will be mortified that I was talking about how he had a yeast infection or let's call it jock itch...sounds more masculine.

And let me go off on another tangent for a second...I never see jock itch or athlete's foot commercials on TV anymore. Do they not run them? Maybe it's because I don't watch as much sports as I did as a kid. But I did watch The Baseball Bunch...could they have had athlete's foot commercials on that?

Back to Miloh's jock itch (it's really yeast.) We took him off of cloth not because the cloth per se, but because we had to use Desitin and such and that can get into the cloth and make it less wicky, wick-ish, Wiccan...or whatever.

In conclusion (bringing back my 4th grade writing skills with those first couple words in my concluding paragraph) I'm pro cloth diapers. They are easier than you'd think to use. Pretty easy to wash (thanks to Sears f-ing up delivery of our washer/dryer 3 times and upgrading us to their best models) and a hell of a lot cheaper in the long run. Plus they are better for the environment.

Oh...and now we're using Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz. Staci prefers the Bum Genius because she likes the fit better. I don't like the velcro on them...get's less velcro-y, velcro-ish, and they have a long inner diaper that we unsnap before washing...that's where a lot of the pee touching comes in. I like the Fuzz Bunz because they are crazy soft. I also like the snaps and how the size can be customized easier.

There you go...a total stream of conscious post on cloth diapers with a lot of tangents...

Ladies and gentlemen...Johnny Bench, the San Diego Chicken and what has to be the longest closing theme ever...

August 23, 2010

Week 30 in numbers

Yeah, another infographic...I've been out of town so I haven't had time to stuff soonish.

Aug 13 (Staci's Birthday) - Aug 19

August 18, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom: question why

Disclaimer: I dressed him and it was only for this shot.
Still even though it's uncoordinated the outfit is cute.

Wisdom for Miloh: Question why...always.

OK maybe not always but Aunt Kate and Uncle Matt gave you a kick ass shirt that says: "I ? Y" on the front and "Always" on the it just sounds good.

In reality if you keep asking "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?" it will drive your mom and I please...not always. I know there is no way that it won't happen.

Every great invention came from someone asking why...or I guess from a mistake like leaving a piece of bread out or leaving some radioactive material lying around...but most are from people asking why.

People asked questions like:

  • Why the hell did that orange drop at the same speed as that rat?
  • Why does my wife always get made that there is water on the floor when I get out of the tub...and oh, wait...why did the water level get higher when I got in the tub? Because that's why there is water on the floor.
  • Why do I have to wipe my butt with this scratchy leaf?
  • Why isn't there a small sticky rubber octopus walking down my wall? is kind of boring without asking why, or I guess how or where...whatever just ask questions.

August 16, 2010

Even more exciting adventures in floor bedding

I recently did a guest post about floor beds on Modern Hippie Mag. A bit of old a bit of new. And a tiny bit of good info about floor beds. Here's the post but that doesn't mean you can't still check out their site.

Clang, clang, clang...clang, clang, clang. That's the sound that woke Staci  up about a month ago. She thought it was a cat trying to get in to our 5 month old son's room. When she walked to the room and saw no cat she started walking away.

Just as she turned away she heard clang, clang, clang followed by a tiny little giggle. It was Miloh playing with a metal trash can in his room.

You may wonder how a 5 month old gets out of his crib and to a trash can at 5 in the morning...the answer is simple...he has no crib.

We have Miloh on a floor bed which is exactly as it sounds...a bed (more specifically a mattress) on the floor. No crib, no frame no nothing...just the mattress.

I need to explain that my wife and I started off normal...if we had our child 5 years ago he'd be in a normal crib in a normal room and he wouldn't be waking us up with trashcan music.

But my wife Staci became a Montessori teacher about 5 years ago and studied about Montessori from the start...and we did the floor bed because it's part of the in-home philosophy.

Staci wanted to do the floor bed because it helps the child become independent and know it's place in their environment.

I didn't care much but it sounded neat, albeit odd, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than getting a crib.

People who hear about it don't know what to think. Some think it's cool...others think it's crazy. Some are bummed they didn't do this for their child..others jokingly offer us money to get Miloh a proper crib.

While the bed was a bit scary when he started to roll (we adjusted by getting a thin 2 inch mattress) it's been amazing...for us and for him.

When we put Miloh to sleep we get to lay next to him and read a book while he dozes off. And if he wakes startled in the night we just lie on the ground and rub his head...then I often wake up 30 minutes later and go back to bed.

The independence is working wonders for him. The floor bed makes the whole (kid safe) room the crib. So instead of crying to get out when he wakes he'll just roll (and now crawl) over to a toy and start playing until he needs to eat.

Last night after feeding him his bottle I heard a noise from his room...he wasn't tired so he rolled to get a rattle to play with. This morning we heard banging coming from the was him grabbing wood toys of the shelf...and let me tell you...the banging is so much nicer than the crying we'd hear if he wanted out of a crib.

We've even seen funny things...Miloh half on/half off his bed (this happens a lot with floor beds). We've opened the door to see him in the middle of the room just smiling. And even though we aren't religious I've walked in on him 3 times when he was "praying." He'd gotten himself half off the bed and was in the kneeling position with his hands and head on the mattress like he was praying. Maybe he was asking for a crib.

It's not for's a bit scary at first and maybe scarier once they are mobile.

However our floor bed experience is amazing...and while I am not one of those parents who throws advice on "the best" way to do anything with your kid I do think the floor bed is truly a fantastic idea.

You can read more about it in Montessori From the Start or check out my floor bed posts for a lighter side of the method in action.

August 12, 2010

How we do dinner

I can't really talk about how feeding Miloh is going because he reads my blog and when I mention things like that he I won't mention that here. Instead I'll walk you through how feeding goes...because it's unique (I think.)

We bring Miloh into the his Fisher Pricebooster seat and snap him in. The moment we snap in the first side of his buckle Kalli, or dog, runs down stairs.

Then Miloh stares at us until we put the tray onto the seat. Next he starts pretending he's eating puffs...while staring at us. I think he;s basically saying "give me some freaking puffs."

We give him puffs and he goes to town on them...and Kalli is right on his left side waiting for some to drop.

We grab his food from jars and put them in little cups to spoon from. Kalli now moves to Miloh's right side to get more puffs.

And we spoon feed Miloh between the puffs he's eating. At this time Kalli moves back to the left and starts licking Miloh's hands to get all the food and puffs from it.

Miloh now leans over and pets Kalli. Then switches hands that he feeds himself with and Kalli switches sides she sits on.

Now she's licking his right hand while he feeds her puffs. And it continues like that until he's full.

The dog/boy bond is growing and Miloh is holding down his role of feeding the dog...the dog who's never allowed to eat human food from the table. Funny how it starts at such an early age.

August 11, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom: know when to walk away

Wisdom for Miloh: Know when to walk away...know when to run...know when to duck into a store and put a sweatshirt and hat on.

The first part of that comes from the Muppets...when some random dude sang a song called the Gambler...not sure what that guys first name was...hmmm.

Anyway while you may think it's about's really about life...(dude should have listened to that when he opened the chicken store.)

But let me give you a couple examples from my life:

Airport story 1
Walk away when you're wife says that if you go to jail in Hawaii she will still take her planned flight back.

You see your mom and I were once in Hawaii for your Aunt Jody and Uncle Ethan's wedding. 

On our way back to the mainland we had a stop over in Honolulu. That airport has a Wiki Wiki shuttle that takes you from terminal to terminal so you don't have to go through security again.

When we got off of our flight I asked the TSA guy where the Wiki Wiki to the terminal was. He pointed to the stairs that were behind a sign that said something like if you cross the red mark (top of the first stair) you can't go back.

So I said to the guy that it wasn't the right way, that I didn't want to go through security because I just wanted to go to my next terminal. 

The guy kept pointing at the stairs and told me to go down...there was a bit of back and forth...then we started toward the stairs. We passed the sign BUT HAD NOT PASSED THE RED LINE AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS and I turned again and asked the guy if this is really the way to the Wiki Wiki to the terminal. 

Then he said something like, that's this way (points opposite direction) but you can't go there because you passed the sign. 

Let me set the stage for you NO OTHER PEOPLE had been near us when we were chatting. He had his eyes on us the whole time and I had 10 rolls of high speed film that were a pain in the ass to get through those lines I was right in the first place.

That's when I may have argued with the guy a bit. I said how he was the one to tell us to go past the sign...he didn't care.

I told him that we hadn't gone past the aforementioned red line...he didn't care.

Next I may have called him an idiot. Then I may have called him a fucking idiot. Then I may have called him a fucking idiot. Then I might have said he was so stupid he couldn't think on his own. Then I may have called him a fucking idiot.

Then he may have told me he was going to arrest me. I may have called him a plain old idiot next.

Then your mom passed the red line said she had my license and would leave me in a Honolulu jail if I didn't go with her....I followed her.

Appendix: We went through security. It was fast-ish because they opened a new line right in front of us. As we were walking to our gate (the first guy knew the number because I said that's where we were going) a security guy who was on break smoking saw me...looked straight in my eyes...put his cigarette down and followed me. Which is when I ducked into a show, put a sweatshirt and hat on and almost shit my pants. I then laid low for 40 minutes at a different gate and got on the plane no problem.

Notice I didn't shit my pants...something you do often these days Miloh.

Airport story 2
Walk away if your mom and about 15 other people tell you to.

A few years later your mom and I were in LA...I was there to photograph Shaun White at the X-games, then we had a wedding we went to and late we saw Aunt Jody and Uncle Ethan...I am now seeing a theme and now who to blame.

On our way back to Minneapolis I was wearing a zip up track jacket.

As I was about to go through the airport security metal detector I asked the TSA guy on the other side if I had to take it was slim fit so really I should have had to...but it was the rules and I always follow rules so I asked.

TSA guy said yes so I took it off turned to your mom, who was at the conveyor belt and threw my jacket at her to put through. 

Your mom asked what was up. I said "'s stupid."

That's when TSA guy came trough the metal detector and got so close that his nose was about 5 inches from mine. He said something like "do we have a problem here?"

I said "are you kidding?" because honestly I thought he was kidding...and then he said something again like "do you have a problem with me?" 

I was blown away and told him that no, I had no problem with him, that I asked him if I should take the jacket of. I followed his direction, threw it to my wife and said something to her.

I don't remember what he said next but he kind of kept saying the same thing...and we had the same exchange a couple times...then he asked if we needed to go to the back. 

That's when, of course, I said proudly "Yes I do." I said it because they have so many cameras and such that if they looked at tape and listened to audio they would know the guy was an ass.

And then I heard gasps from other people around me and your mom...they all told me to apologize and go through. But the point is I did nothing wrong and there was no reason I wanted this guy to think he broke me. 

He wasn't expecting that answer and asked I really want to go to the back room? I laughed a bit and said yeah and that I thought it was a good idea.

Then your mom walked through a different metal detector and EVERYONE told me to not be stupid and walk through.

The guy offered me one more chance...your mom and everyone was looking at me hoping I'd walk through...I did.

To be honest in both cases I'm a little bummed I backed down. I did nothing wrong in either fact in both the TSA person was wrong...but in the end I really didn't want to deal with all the hassle of TSA and such interrogating me...and I have never been in jail and would like to keep it that way.

So yeah, little dude...know when to walk away. And maybe you should also watch your mom when we are at the airport...she's a much better role model than I.

Ladies and gentlemen...Kenny Rogers.

I think you'd never see this on a kids show these days because it mentions whiskey and cigarettes...sometimes protecting children really just keeps them from experiencing good things.

Ah...either way I hope the Muppets get a show again...they have a You Tube channel with new stuff so there is hope.

August 10, 2010


This post started awhile ago but I never finished I have more to say about it.

I had no idea what to expect when I became a dad. It's been just over six months and aside from the diapers and the lack of sleep it's been an amazing ride.

I didn't know how I'd take to it, what it would be like or how it would change ways I could never imagine.

I never thought I could be comforted by a coo. This was more when he was younger and I'd walk in to his room to check on him. His door would squeak (still does because I forget to put WD40 on it) and he'd wiggle and coo. That coo was so comforting to me. I knew he was allright.

I never thought I could stare at a baby all day. I really could. Again this was more about when he was younger, but still I find myself just staring at him being amazed.

I never thought I'd try to steal him away from Staci. As I've said many times babies freak me out. But from day one, and still to this day, I grab him any time I can. Hanging with him is good times.

Not doing this one as much but I never thought I'd make up songs about what is in the fridge and I especially never thought I'd sing the baby back rib song to my child. But since I know few nursery rhymes and kids songs I had to wing it.

I never thought I'd read cookbooks as if they are stories. I try to read to Miloh when we're hanging and sometimes there is nothing around, so I'll grab a cookbook and read it with the inflection as if it was a story. Another book we read often is called Suggestion. It's not all appropriate for a child but he doesn't really understand it yet...and he loves when I read it to him.

I never thought I could just lay on the floor all day playing with a kid. Especially because I'm so ADD. But when I'm on duty I'll just lie on the floor and read to him, have army crawl races with him (I always win because while he's fast he has nothing on me) and play with all his little toys.

Little dude is really cool and really fun...and while I had no idea what it would be like I do know this isn't what I thought. It's so much better.

August 6, 2010

Miloh trying to learn how to be a photo assistant

Miloh is crawling like a mad man. These 2 videos are funny to me because it's like he's in a movie and he needs to hit his mark at certain times...they are very similar.

You can see he loves cameras...he crawls to one if it's around, on the floor or in our hands. He almost broke the flash in the first and went after it in the second...luckily it's my B-camera so he wasn't messing with my 7D.

August 5, 2010

More observations

Miloh gets it...he's really starting to figure out the world, how to play in it and how to manipulate it.

He's figured out that we're not fans of when he cries...he tries to use that to his advantage. One night when putting Miloh to bed his pacifier fell out right away and he started crying. We aren't ones to put it back in every time it drops but since it was right away I placed it in. He calmed himself, took it out, looked at me and started crying.

I thought it was just coincidence that he looked at me beforehand...but then I put the pacifier back into his mouth...he did the same thing. He looked straight at me, took out the pacifier and started crying...I knew what was up and left the room...he stopped crying after a minute.

He's also crawling like a madman...he was rolling with purpose for a bit...he'd see something turn and roll to it. Now he crawls like crazy...and with purpose.

He and Kalli, or dog, flank our cat Zoggs and attack him from the sides. This happens often...Miloh is  a bit too slow to get to Zoggs on his own. It's weird how Kalli and him team up like this.

He figured how to get his diapers off...if he's in a disposable and he isn't immediately shoved into pants we're screwed...diaper is off.

Even with some of the cloth diapers he can get the velcro off...he hasn't figured out buttons so we're good with Fuzzi Bunz.

And he's a bit cocky. People come up to him and say he's cute...he then looks at them and raises one eyebrow...I can't freaking raise one eyebrow. Then he acts coy and puts his foot in his mouth.

It's really weird to see a super young kid with such a personality...I guess this is normal but if you're been reading from the start you know a) before Miloh I've barely been around babies and b) kids freak me out.

This little dude is pretty cool...pretty smart and therefore pretty dangerous.

August 4, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom

Wisdom for Miloh: Listen to Iron Maiden

Well more specifically listen Bruce Dickinson the lead singer to Iron Maiden because he's a super interesting man.

I think Maiden gets a bad rap because they're a metal band and their mascot, Eddie, is anything from a zombie to a skeleton and things in between. But they are a pretty smart group of guys.

Years ago I saw a trailer clip from their appearance on Live From Abbey Road in which Bruce talks about his career. Unfortunately when I searched for said clip I couldn't find it...I think it didn't make the cut for the show and was then pulled...but I remember the gist.

He talks about his career and says that he considers himself to be a professional pilot (he flies for a charter airline) and is once again an amateur musician...and he likes it that way. I should say that as an amateur musician he does pretty well for himself.

Bruce goes on to explain that the true meaning of amateur is someone who practices a study, sport or past time for the passion of it and the passion to learn it rather than for the money.

I guess I never thought of it that way...I always saw it simply...that a pro makes cash at something and an amateur doesn't.

But this is a good way to live your life...I love photography and was a professional photographer for 3 years...and I HATED doing that. Once I got into design I started loving photography again...I no longer had people telling me what to photograph...I could shoot what I wanted. I love being an amateur and wear that badge proudly.

If someone wants to pay me for my pics that's great...but I won't shoot the way anyone wants me to because I'm only shooting for myself.

That's not to say you can't make a living doing what you want...I made the switch from photo to art direction but I treat my career like I'm an amateur...I continue to learn...if I didn't I'd get bored.

Your mom did the same...she said goodbye to a lucrative career in wedding planning to follow her passion...teaching children...and in so many more ways it pays better than the other.

So little dude...find what your passion is and do that...if you get paid for it that's awesome...if you pick it as a career but lose that passion run away, find something else to pay the bills and find your passion again. Stay an amateur (even if you get paid) it's more fun.

And while I can't find that clip anymore here is one from the show. I love what Bruce has to say in it.

I should add that had it not been for Maiden I would have never read the epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, in 7th grade. So bugger (if I'm using UK slang correctly) to those who say metal makes kids stupid.

Took awhile... Here's an infographic of MF's first year

I finished this about a year ago just for my personal use but thought I'd share it. It's a visualization of MF's first year in n...