March 12, 2012

No Rinse, Just Repeat

I never understood the repeat button/option on a radio, mp3 player or such... To be totally sexist and ageist I always saw it as a thirteen year old girl thing... Perhaps that's just stereotyping people not really being sexist/ageist.

I never used the button as a kid... In college on of my roommates actually had a rule against playing a song then repeating it right after it finished... It was really quite and ingenious rule and saved my sanity until I switched rooms and lived with a kid who just broke up with a girl so he needed to copy down the lyrics of some Depeche Mode song...

This was before wiki-anything so playing and rewinding tape was the only way to get lyrics... I forget which song it was but I should remember as I was in the room when he was doing this... Whatever song it was it made me hate Depeche Mode... Also I should say that the guy with the no repeat rule actually broke it once... I could be wrong but I think it was There She Goes by the La's... But the timing on that doesn't work out because it came out a few years earlier... Guess we'll never know.

But while I strayed a bit the point is the repeat button is horrible...

I didn't even know I had one in my car until I accidentally pushed it... Funny thing is the option stares me in the face... But I had no need for it...

Then the kid came along... And he turned two... And he started liking certain songs.

We try not to be a slave to his musical whims but sometimes it's just easier to put on what he likes (if the song doesn't suck... And that's when I found the repeat button.

That's also how I know I live twelve and a half I'm A Little Coconuts from the bookstore.


  1. I feel your pain. I live 2.5 "New Age Girl(s)" away from daycare.

    Don't judge me.

  2. @kate everyone has it's own pain, and nobody is allowed to judge a person! every one has it's rights


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