Smonkish Badges

I've created some Sminkish Badges® to commemorate milestones in a kids life. These are infinitely better than any FourSquare badge because no one cares that you're at Target or that you are apparently a total drunk based on your 20 bar check-ins per week.

Feel free to use these on your blog, twitter feed or whatnot... and please let me know if you do use them. I'd love to see them out there.

I'm starting with six but know I'm missing a bunch. I'll be creating more as I have time and I'm open to suggestions for any I don't have.

Please see Creative Commons info below. You can use these but not for commercial stuff. Also please attribute to me with a link to this page.

For the record Miloh hasn't achieved all of these.

They Left a Foreign Object in Me
First Spew
Ten Spews in 24 Hours
First Tooth
Rolled Over
First Broken Bone
First Blowout
Three Blowouts in 24 Hours
First Black Eye

Creative Commons License
Smonkish Badges by Kenny Friedman are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


  1. Holy cow these are amazing. I would suggest a "Gravity defying poop" badge, "Solid Foods" badge and a "Public Outburst" one too.

    Probably one for formula feeders and breast feeders too. If you weren't going to make a bunch of these, I was going to run with the idea. It's so good!


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