July 27, 2009

Proof of concept: Baby t-shirts make great doo-rags

Maybe it's early to be thinking about the baby room, but right now it's an office so we need to get ready for the makeover. While going through the room I found a box of stuff from my old job and opened it up to find a baby t-shirt that was swag from a project I worked on.

Not sure how we got to it but Staci told me to try it on...and I thought it would make a great doo-rag. From the image you can tell I was right.

FYI the project was when I was at Target. They do carnivals at the Target House at St. Jude 5 times a year. My copywriter Shawn and I got to work with Jesse LeDoux on this awesome project. You can see the art on his site. If you don't know much about what St. Jude check them out here...they do great work for kids, and the Target house does great work with families of some of those kids.

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