November 2, 2009

Random shorts: things I've learned or have been thinking

I was pretty sick over the weekend so I didn't think about what I was going to write. And right now my head feels like it's in a vice because of sinus pressure and I can't concentrate when I'm like this will be really random.

I've really been improving on the comfort level with kids thing. I again talked to a 5 year old and felt pretty comfortable. I was even engaged in the conversation and asked questions. If you've been reading you know that's a huge step for me because kids kind of scare me and until recently I could only ask them about their shoes (because Staci told me they like when you ask that.) I think that makes it a total of 3 kids that I didn't know that I felt comfortable with. Huge number.

A little setback in the above area socialization. My office had a halloween party and people brought their kids. I hid at my desk.

Also we didn't give candy out this year at home because I was feeling crappy so we hid out at the in-laws. But we planned on it. I actually really like Halloween and get excited about the candy and kids trick-or-treating. Then when it comes down to actually giving out the candy I freeze up and call Staci to the door.

She's so good with the kids asking what they are, complementing their costumes, asking them to say trick-or-treat and such. When I answer the door I just say 'Here' and give them candy.

Since I was sick I had time to catch up on movies I DVR'd. I saw Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags which is a story of the garment industry in NYC from the 60's until now. It's actual a cool look at the industry and also at our economy in general.

I also watched Who Killed the Electric Car. Both movies, coupled with a bunch of friends of mine being laid of from my old employer,  really made me think about businesses and where I want my cash to go.

I also saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Staci and I also watched Marley and Me. She had wanted me to watch it ever since she got pregnant. I didn't really want to see it because I thought it was a chick movie.

It was so good. I'm man enough to say I was crying, hard, at the end. We got a dog 3 years ago and now we're, obviously, expecting so their were some similarities there.

But it also reminded me of my awesome cat Lemmy (not from Motorhead) who died a couple years ago. It sounds weird but I was always excited to have a kid so he could meet it. I think he'd have been a great brother to a baby. But he taught Staci and I to love something that depends on us which prepared us a bit for having a baby. I suppose the dog also helped in that way but she came later.

I got a new camera this week, a Canon 7D. It was an upgrade from my xTI. I plan on taking a lot of picture of the baby. Plus I want to take pictures in the delivery room, from the waist up. I'll pretty much shoot all I can until it get's to the point where Staci tells me to put the camera down or it'll mean divorce.

If you're looking for a camera I really recommend it. I haven't played a ton, maybe when I do I'll do a post, but my initial thoughts are good. Great features, nice autofocus, I took some test shots at ISO 3200 and the the noise actually looks like film grain. Plus it takes HD video and since you're using a real lens that means you can rack focus during the video...pretty cool.


  1. Nice upgrade from the xTI to the 7D . . . i planted some seeds in the wife's head a few week's ago, about wanting to upgrade my D60 to something a little more ama-pro . . . we'll see how that goes

  2. Hey A. here is my little wisdom on cameras that might be good for everyone. First I don't know what's in your bag

    You may be better off putting your money into a nice lens or two and/or powerful flash.

    The reason is until the 7D companies hadn't figured out how to get more than 10MP onto an APS-C size sensor. They do sell a lot of 11+MP cameras but the cramming of photodiodes on the sensor actually leads more noise on the images

    For everyone: more MP doesn't necessarily mean better images.

    That's why Canon just made the G11 as a 10MP camera which was a MP downgrade from the 15MP G10.

    But Canon did figure out how to get more photodiodes on a small sensor and the 7d is the first with that sensor. Had they not figured it out I would have stuck with the xti as I'm not super concerned with frames per second.

    However some of the pro-sumer cameras have better shot quality in low light so if that's a factor it would be something to think about.

    Also there is the video thing but I got the Kodak Zx1 before the upgrade and I like it. I'll explain in a Gear Thursday why I picked that over the Flip one. Hope this helps

  3. Hmmm did it lose my comment? It just went away! I think you will be fine when baby comes!

    I am now following your blog - found you today as I blog hop daddy blogs - get a more balanced view you know?

  4. You're a riot! Happy to have found your blog and wishing you well on this incredible journey!

  5. Thanks Brittany and Liv for stopping by.


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