January 6, 2011

Say my name...

Miloh's first word... He's been babbling a lot but now he seems to say this with purpose.

Oh...and he's walking. I should have mentioned that in my last post but he was kind of just taking steps by accident...

not sure why most of the videos we take of him involve us laughing at him... I mean with him.


  1. The whole time you were saying "my name is... my name is..." I kept thinking "it's slim shady, Miloh. Tell him!!" He's super adorable!

  2. So great! I love the waving arm constantly in the first video...my son does that alllll the time!!

    Is he wearing a teething necklace? If so, do you think it is helping? We just had the first two teeth pop and it was MISERABLE. I'm hoping to find anything to make the next round go smoother!!

  3. Miloh is walking! How great!! We really enjoyed watching both videos. Miloh seems to be such a happy kid! Lou can say 'mama' & 'papa' & 'dada' (like bye bye in dutch) and also understands a lot of what we tell/ask him. We assume he'll be walking after his 1st birthday.

  4. Whoa, two milestones in one post! Go Miloh!

  5. Congrats on the walking and talking! He's like an actual person now!


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