April 2, 2012

Killing It With A Joke

I'm killing the blog... Kind of...

It all comes down to time and energy really... And while I love writing on this blog I don't feel that I have the time to write really good stuff anymore... And there are a shit load of sites out there with really crappy stuff on them and I don't want to add to the noise...

On a side note I find it odd that some of those sites with crappy stuff are quite popular... But I suppose one dog's crap is another dog's meal. I learned this lesson this morning as my dog was chomping on another dog's poo while leaving a little gift of her own on the lawn. The circle of life.

And I'm not totally killing it... I'll try to write one post a week and post it on Monday but if I have nothing good to say I won't post.

I have a few good posts in my head already so I know this isn't the last.

And I promised a joke so here it goes... kind of... It's the first joke MF told.

The setup: Staci was reading MF a book called Switching on the Moon that has short bedtime poems in it.

One of the poems says: "Goodnight, Tigger. Goodnight, Pooh." So MF looks over at Staci and says "Tiger poop." I should add here that for months he called Winnie the Pooh – Winnie the Kalli's Poop... Kalli is our dog.

Then he looked at me and said "tiger poop" and he laughed... And it was fucking hilarious so I laughed. So he said the punchline again "Tiger poop" while getting in Staci's face... And she laughed. Again he said it and we laughed...

Then MF said "squirrel poop" and we laughed some more... And then Staci kept reading.

"Goodnight, Ice Cream"... "Ice Cream poop." And I lost it... I laughed so hard that MF thought I was crying... And he asked me what was wrong... It's hard to explain to a kid that you're laughing so hard you're crying...

The poem was over and he got ready to sleep... Then he said "tiger poop."


  1. Best part was this was his first time discovering his humor. Brilliant moment!

  2. children are funny. Eoghan just started tellig us. I'm pooping. And calling people poop pants.

  3. Let's try that again.....
    Children are funny. Eoghan just started telling us, I'm pooping. And calling people poop pants.

  4. :-( to hear that you think about discontinuing your blog. I've enjoyed reading smonk you over the past two years - our daugther was born at around the same time as your son. And there's not many dad bloggers out there, even on an international level (at least I haven't found many - which might parallel your statement about crappy sites... ;-).

    Actually I've already killed one blog, my first one, a couple of years ago. I felt that I didn't relate to the topic I was writing about (the city I was living in, its' nightlife...) any more. I lived quite well without blogging - but then a few months ago I suddenly felt the urge to do it again and started kindie-rocks.com. I keep wondering if I shall keep up the new blog about every time I'm logging in. There's better things to do, I tell myself. But then again: Hey, it's fun. Keep it up as long as it lasts!


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