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girl vs. boy

When Staci and I were talking about trying to get pregnant we knew that it could take a long time. However we both treated that information differently. Staci being a teacher wanted to have the baby at a time that would coincide with summer break so that was an important factor in when to start. She was betting on it taking a while so she thought she should start early. I was really aware of the fact it could take one time and thought we should figure that into our timing.

All those who know Staci know that she is a planner. So we set a month to start. Then she freaked out a bit thinking it would take even longer than she planned (we both realize you can't plan it) so she wanted to start even earlier. Staci won out, but I was right. We realize we're very lucky that it worked out well.

So why am I giving you all this info? Well according to a study, since it didn't take long to conceive, it means that we'll have a girl. So there is a bit of science on baby gender...we'll see if it holds.

But when it comes to predicting gender most people kick science to the curb. So many people are guessing what we'll have based on the way she's carrying, or her sleep patterns or the "laying of hands" on her belly.

So I decided to try out some of the popular myths to out what we're having. (If the folks from Mythbusters find this, yes I will join the team)

Here we go.
Short time to conceive = girl
The pre-kid's heartbeat was clocked at over 140= girl
According to the Chinese gender chart = boy
Staci sleeps on her right side = girl
She feels nausea = girl
She's not craving citrus = boy
I am not gaining weight = boy
She's breaking out a bit = girl
She's feeling clumsy = girl
No weight gain in her face = boy
She's craving salty stuff = boy
She is of course never moody = boy
She's carrying high = girl
When holding her wedding ring on a string over her belly it went in circles = boy (although I've seen girl for the same)

14 tests split 7 and 7.

In six weeks we'll be going for our ultrasound that can tell us what we're having...I know they aren't always right.

Since I'm a man of science and since both of the more scientific tests (length it took to conceive and heart rate) point to girl, if I had to make a guess we'll have a girl I need to predict how to figure out if it will ride goofy foot or regular.


  1. Here are a couple test I forgot about...and felt they were more of a P.S. than an addition to the post. There is some weird test with Drano and pee to determine the sex...not gonna try that.

    Then there is this weird one where you can predict your second kids gender with the hairline of the kid before. If it's a point than the next kid will be the opposite sex...if it's straight across the next kid will be the same sex...check it our here .

  2. Don't rely on the Chinese test- it failed for me on baby #2.

    I've had a girl and a boy. The pregnancies were totally different!

    Congrats and here's wishing you a happy and healthy baby!


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