January 25, 2010

a story about being a dad

This site started as a pre-daddy blog but will continue as a story about Miloh, Staci and me.

We are a bit tired but I get a proper post up soon. In the meantime here is what we know about the genetics post I wrote the other day.
  • Eyes: genetics say brown because but they are blue now. This may change.
  • Hair: genetics say dark. Right now it is a great surfer dirty blonde...this may also change.
  • Widow's peak: looks like he has one...an awesome one.
  • Earlobes: genetics said unattached and they are.
  • Only 5 fingers
That's all we know for now. More pics and stories later.

1 comment:

  1. Hair color will change or hair will completely fall out! Both my boys had dark brown hair when they were born and my oldest's hair all fell out by the time he was four months old, then it grew in blond. My youngest's hair was thick and dark until we got his first haircut at six months old. He had blond roots!

    Watching your child change from day to day, month to month the first year is an amazing experience. I'm so happy for you and Staci! Many blessings!


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