January 29, 2010

You are one click away from greatness

A bit ago I was flattered by an email from Mandy over at Harper's Happenings asking me if I'd write a guest post for her blog...I was like sure, I'll knock it out in a week before our, then unknown, baby was born...then as you can read from my last blog entry baby Miloh came a week early.

The post I was going to write morphed a bit...since Miloh's here...but this is what you'll get if you read my guest post; you'll learn what my best written school paper was about, you'll read about how the name smonk you came to be...this is a huge exclusive that even TMZ couldn't break, you'll read about my soon to be famous recipe for Vietnamese noodle salad and of course there are some musings about me being a dad and daddy blogger.

While you're there you can lurk around Mandy's blog...you'll see posts named after Duran Duran songs that include videos of Harper (a soon to be model) showing you how big she is and you can get Mandy's recipe for Vietnamese noodle salad which although it's probably good is a bit harder to make than mine and much more. And you can follow her on twitter @teammandy if you don't mind reading ZOMG a couple times a day.

And while you're clicking things you can click on the banner below so I get a vote...all you need to do is click...then I get a vote and an angel gets it's wings...true story.
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  1. i feel like we're each *this* much closer to world domination.

  2. I read your guest post, pretty good I'd say for someone in postnatal daze. Your cooking style has much to offer busy moms, it will give them more time to worry about what they'll say to the teachers when their sons start writing essays about satanic rituals! Probably not 'smonk you!'

  3. what a lovely picture! congratulations!

  4. You're the poo, man. The total poo.


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