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The cutest freaking baby

Here's the deal...we entered Miloh in a "Cutest Baby Contest" in the Star's for the cutest baby who lives in MN or WI.

It's pretty much one of those popularity contests, although the judges have 55% weight in the competition.

But I'd still love to rock that 45% and I'd love it if you can help.

Voting for the round he's in starts Friday the 30th at 10am CST and you can vote once an hour...and how fun would it be to do that? I'm guessing super freaking fun.

You need to register on the site before you vote, but that's pretty easy. Then beginning at 10AM CST on the 30th go here, log in if you aren't already. Then vote.

There are a few rounds of voting, so I may ask for your help again soon. Thanks all.

And I want you to know I'm not saying he's cuter than your baby, that would be ridiculous...


  1. He is adorable! Speaking of contests, I really think you should enter this one on OhDeeDoh:

    They are looking for a couple of freelance bloggers to add to their team and said they would love to have a daddy blogger.

  2. Okay - so WAIT??? You are in MN?

    We are having a blog gathering - the details are linked on my sidebar if you are interested.

    I am registered already because I entered my daughter in the holiday contest. She didn't win despite bloggy support. Hope you can! Your baby is freaking cute.

  3. Thanks all who voted. Apparently he's too Chicago and so the Star Trib didn't think he was cute...fuckers.

  4. (i'm finally catching up on your posts) - my aunt (who lives in MN) entered Ryan in this contest too!! Haha, apparently he is also too Chicago and not cute enough. We should have our own contest.


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