November 10, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom: Math quiz

Wisdom for Miloh: You don't need math.

You may find yourself in math classes when you're older and think it has nothing to do with what you'll be doing when you grow up. You are probably right.

The teachers will say you need math...that's a lie.

First, you have a computer and probably some crazy smart phone that I can't even phathom right now.

Second you have an aunt who teaches statistics. Use that smart phone and call her up to get answers to any math question you have...I do.

So skip your math classes and go to recess...go on the merry-go-round thingy. There's a little math involved there with centrifugall force and such but it's more physics, which might have a bit of math...but nothing a computer can't do.

Instead of doing math homework in the winter we'll go snowboarding. Same thing with math and physics there...same thing with a computer being able to do it. I suppose you can rationalize that you need math to figure out your rotations but that's easy and you probably only need to figure out rotations up to 1270s...I'm guessing they will progress past the 1080 by the time you board. 

Either way I'll write a note for your teacher about saying that instead of doing your homework we did some real world math lessons.

When you need to get out of math in college let me know. I did by writing a paper on why photography is math. Sure I had to take an extra photo class for the credits, but I took way too many anyway.

With the merry-go-round, snowboarding and photo reference you'd probably think that you do need math. You don't.


  1. I love this. My mom is "unschooling" my little brother, and he is learning real world math applications, versus textbook work. He is learning to rebuild an engine, keep a budget to buy more ski equiptment, and have a small snow removal buisness. Real stuff for real boys.

  2. Very good points! Miloh is one lucky boy.

  3. There's classroom education. And then there's life education. Miloh's going to learn his lessons well because you get the none-too-subtle differences between the two. Good on ya!

  4. Math. Like I can't figure out that 3 bags of mint m&m's aren't enough on my own. Duh.

  5. What's the probability that most comments for this blog will agree that math is unnecessary? Miloh, while I agree that we still haven't figured out the best way to teach math in many classes (drill and kill is not good for anyone), I like to think that we continue to improve. You can use your math to do statistics. By the time you take the course, you can probably take it with me remotely on your smart phone that your dad gets you.

    Aunt Jackie

  6. As a math teacher, I should probably be offended by this, but I'm seeing it more as an opportunity.


    When you need to learn math to pass high school, you tell your parents to hire you a tutor (me) and I'll teach you through projects and life experiences. I can do this better than your dad because I know how to BS those projects so the school thinks you are covering the topics they will require.


  7. I'm another one who's not quite sure what the math thing was all about. Although there was a lot of emphasis on playing cards in statistics. And that was always kind of a mixed message. Are we counting cards for Vegas? Are we just learning this for enrichment? What?


  9. Oh...Miloh, Miloh, Miloh. I wish I would have listened better in math class, just sayin'.


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