January 26, 2011

They like me, they really like me... oh and I'm going dim.

Let me start with the second half of the post title first.

Smonk You is going a bit dim... not totally dark... no comments on the dim part.

I'll still be writing but maybe at a bit less frequency. I tried to write 2 posts a week because Blogher (my ad thingy) wants people who use them to post at that frequency... and time just doesn't want to cooperate.

It was so much easier to write a daddy blog before Miloh was born... I had a bit more time and was a bit less sleepy.

I still like doing it and all but it takes a lot of time... and I'd rather post less often but have better stuff.

So if you dig this blog the best thing to do would be to grab my rss feed because then you'll know when I post without having to check back.

Like I said, it's not going away, I have posts in mind, infographics to catch up on and infographic ideas in my mind, and I have some posts I half started and never posted but are still cool.

So thanks for reading, thanks for sticking around if you do... I hope you do.

And now I wanted to share with you how much this blog is loved.... by spammers. If you write a blog you know how sneaky spam comments can get, if you don't here's a little insight.

I get a lot of spam comments that go into my spam comment folder. Those usually have links. But then I get some that look like real comments but are in fact spam. My hypothesis is the spammers leave the comment and them later google the phrase they left to see if it was published. If published I assume they know it's an unmoderated blog and spam the crap out of it.

So here are some of the most flattering spam comments I get (click the pic to enlarge).

Here are some of my favorite parts:

  • Someone who's writing is sub-par thinks mine is top-notch.
  • One dude calls me Jeff, but thinks it's an awesome post so I'm cool with that.
  • Someone used my post in a lecture to motivate his students 
  • I learned the word "chuffed"
  • Someone thinks my blog is high quality enjoyment
  • Some dude dinged me in a spam comment (a tad more polished... fuck you)
You might think, oh your site is high quality enjoyment are you sure it's spam? Yes it is... google any of the sentences in the comments above and you will see a ton of sites pop up. 


  1. Bless your heart! I've gotten a little bit of spam but nothing quite like that! Maybe you're a target since you were on the front page of Top Baby Blogs for so long.

  2. The only spam that I've received has been someone telling me what a great job I'm doing with my video game blog (which is actually about parenting and I don't think has ever mentioned video games) and that I should promote their sex pills.

    How do you get the word out for your blog(which is great, by the way)? I want to expand my readership and get more input on how to improve it.

  3. At my old job I used to log mentions of my clients' names on the internet each month. One particular client was a SERIAL spammer- he had staff go to people's site and write the same contrived comment on every kind of blog imaginable. One month they wrote the same comment on FOUR HUNDRED different blogs in an effort to promote him. Then I had to log all the websites. All four hundred of them.

    Fun times.

  4. @Justin I got the word out early from Top Baby Blogs but I stopped promoting it actively because it became hard to rank on it when folks used a vote as a way to enter a contest (and some even hid them in comments... horrible)

    There are some daddy blog sources http://goodmenproject.com/ and http://www.dad-blogs.com/ but I don't promote on there... I got lazy.

    Word might have spread on twitter.

    I think the two dad blog sites would be good resources and communities if you're interested.

    Hope that helps... thanks.


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