March 9, 2011

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom: Mistakes can be awesome

Wisdom for Miloh: Don't just learn from your mistakes... Relish some of them.

Maybe the photo above technically isn't a mistake... It could be called a moment of time... BUt some might have seen it as a mistake and deleted it.

I was photographing you and, like always, you grabbed the lens cap. Then you ran as fast as you could over to the camera and tried to put the cap on the lens... That was the moment I caught.

I couldn't have gotten the shot if I planned it... And if I tried to recreate it it could take hours to get the lighting, lens cap placement and your face all in the right spot.

I'll take what I got... an awesome shot of real life.

The thing about mistakes is they aren't always bad. I've sold in concepts to clients that started as a mistake. When something cool happens by accident I right it down, photograph it or what not and try to find a use for it.

When folks just toss mistakes aside they miss out on opportunities. Without mistakes we wouldn't have silly putty, Post-its or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And now that we're talking about Reese's cups what ever happend to the Crunchy Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

Not all mistakes will become something great... But you need to be alert for the good ones.


  1. I just came here for the commercials. Cute kid.

  2. Gosh. Thanks to you, I now feel on the very verge of greatness!


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