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Future Miloh

A long, long time ago I was doing a guest post on someone's blog and I asked for suggestions of what to write about. Jason from The iHubby suggested I do a Lost style flash forward of what Miloh will be in when he grows up.

And I think this is a good week to write the post as it links to my earlier Open Letter post this week... A tiny bit of a spoiler... And no I don't think he should write open letters for free stuff so he never has to work a day in his life... That's my retirement plan.

That was super tough at the time because Miloh was just a little lump that didn't do much... But now he's got a personality so maybe I can guess... Of course I'll probably be wrong. But I can say that I think people's careers are hard wired early. I remember a ton of ad campaigns from the 80s... Way too many... And I'm in marketing so really that ridiculous use of my brain is important.

Also anything I think he will be is probably me just wishing stuff on him... Like wishing that at the age of 12 he will be able to support Staci and I through a professional snowboarding career.

My biggest hope of what he'll be when he grows up (besides happy, successful and all the bullshit people say) is that he'll do something that involves critical thinking, creativity or something that's hands on.

There's a long detailed rant I could give about that but instead I'll take a quote from Thomas Friedman in a speech at the U of M.

I tell my, girls I got to find a job when I graduated college. You'll have to invent a job when you graduate college.
So if you take that idea, because I'll brainwash it into Miloh's head, and his current personality and likes maybe I can take a guess... Which of course could be wrong.

First off he loves cameras... Freaking loves them (side note he finally let's us take photos of him again and he evens poses).

He also loves animals of all kinds but is semi-obsessed with fish and ocean mammals. Any book we have that has a picture of a fish is dubbed a Fish Book.

Super old, semi-crappy (because of the flash) picture of Miloh at the aquarium.
He also loves swimming. At first he hated it... Now he jumps right in and we can't hold him back... We do have to hold him up or else he'd drown which is not ideal.

So you put them together and you get an underwater videographer or photographer.

And that would be my guess... And it would be awesome because if he was awesome at it his job wouldn't be replaced by someone getting a non-living wage.

I may be wrong... Probably will be... But if Vegas would take the bet I'd through down a little cash on it.


  1. Great entry. It's always fun to speculate. But, no matter what he grows up to do, his dad is gonna be proud. That's the best thing about this entry. You love and dedication to MF is amazing and inspiring.

    Well done.


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