September 8, 2011

Things I Can't Do Anymore

When you have a kid you know there will inevitably be things you can no longer do... Some are obvious some aren't.

I'm now learning the subtle things I can't do know that we have a toddler.

  • I can't swear as much... Well that is kind of obvious... But now I can't even use substitute words. Like the other day when I said to our dog "Kalli, stop eating the freaking noodles." And Miloh then went around the house saying "free-in noo-noos."
  • I can't eat anything that Miloh can't eat. I've tried to sneak things like taffy or candy that we don't want him to eat. He sees me every time and asks for it. 
  • I can't turn the light on or off in an airplane. Well I can if I want Miloh to turn it on and off for the next 40 minutes. 
  • I can't pull an iPod out of my bag before a plane takes off... As there will be crying when it needs to be stowed during take off.
  • I can't teach him to head butt me. When he was super young I'd touch heads to him to say goodbye. Then one day when he was older he head butted me pretty hard... So we stopped that.
  • I can't take my camera out. This one is tough because it means I can't get photos of him. But any time I take it out he scurries to my side of the lens and starts playing. 
I'm sure there are more. And I'm sure the list will grow. I'm sure you all have some too... I'd love to hear.


  1. "I can't eat anything that Miloh can't eat. I've tried to sneak things like taffy or candy that we don't want him to eat. He sees me every time and asks for it." It's like toddlers have a super 6th sense that alerts them every. single. time. that something good to eat is being consumed! Seriously.

  2. I cant get really drunk and then sleep in the next morning. Getting up early with a hang over SUCKS.

    Apparently lately I also can not hug, kiss or snuggle up to my husband. B starts yelling NOOOOOO like I am wielding a knife or something.

  3. you can't watch R movies anymore too i bet.

    great blog. i really enjoy it.

  4. "I can't eat anything that Miloh can't eat" My daughter has had more than enough chocolate because I fail at this rule.

    "I can't take my camera out" or my cell phone for that matter. The minute it comes out she wants to play Angry Birds, see a funny picture/movie, or have me take a picture of her so she can look at it. The only way I can get her on the right side of our camera is to tell her she can see her picture after I take it. She will tolerate the modeling for at least 5 to 15 shots, depending on how tired she is.

    @Jen -- our daughter is anti-PDA as well. I think she's afraid we'll produce yet another sibling for her to compete with.

    Recently sleeping in has gone completely out the window. She's figured out how to operate door handles and comes in every morning to inform us either that she requires a diaper change or 'lunch' (no, we don't sleep till noon. Every meal is lunch).

  5. My son headbutted me and broke a tooth. I remember those days of debating what I could do and how they'd react. Now that they're older, I just eat my candybar outside. That really sounds pathetic.


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