March 5, 2012

Call for First Gen Dads

I've gotten some good feedback from my First Gen Dads posts and I wanted to let everyone know that I'd love others to participate.

While I work on a mission statement for it here's a short summary.

The idea came to me after I realized that it's kind of hard figuring out the does and don'ts of fatherhood when you didn't have a dad around to see in action. I chatted with some other First Gen Dads who felt the same way so I decided to do the feature.

Usually when you hear about dads who grew up without a dad you her bad things... But I wanted to celebrate these dads.

So if you want to participate it's pretty simple. Answer a few questions and fill out a short QA. Check the other posts for that info.

You don't need to be a blogger to participate... Everyone is welcome and that's what can make this cool.

So if you're interested email me.

And if you haven't seen the original posts check mine here and Don's here.


  1. Good luck with this, it is a really fantastic idea. While at times I do feel like a first gen dad just because it has been a lifetime since my dad was around in that way, I'm not. I do have a dad, just a sorta older product of the 50s dad that was at work all the time while mom raised us. This is a much different concept. What you all are talking about is much more difficult with respect to knowing how to be a dad.

    I will however keep following along. Good reading is hard to come by, please keep it up. The efforts are very much appreciated.

    1. Hey mark, glad you like reading the blog... I understand the kind of dad you had. I think dads being truly involved is a rather new thing... Last 20-30 years I'm guessing. maybe.

  2. I believe it isn't easy to be a dad especially to those who grew up without their father around. I think this blog could help out those who are experiencing the same thing. Nice idea.



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