August 31, 2010

37 things that inspired me last year

Today is my b-day...

Last year on my birthday I tweeted 36 things that inspired me that year. Here are 37 things that inspired me this year. These will probably also be tweeted. I'm sure there have been more things...I will remember them tomorrow...oh well.

1. Being a dad
2. Staci as a mom
3 and 4. My 7D and a new photo project I started working on
5. a video of ants protesting
6. Mario meets skateboard decks
7. Anatomy posters of Gummi Bears and Gingerbread Men
8. Somehow hearing about the sculptor Do-Ho Suh
9 and 10. Creating infographics of Miloh's weeks and months...and a site that let's you create an infographic about you.
11. Learning how to create my own space photos...yes Miloh and I will do this when he's older. Another way to do it here.
12. Hello Again
13. Photos of people who look alike
14. Some animate gifs.
15. NYC Polaroid project
16. A hill
17. Hanging in Chicago with a buddy of mine and having one of his illustrations on Miloh's wall.
18. The Twelfth Man project
19. Some DIY pinhole cameras that make me want to buy some film.
20. An article about weird looking animals.
21. 87 cool digital things
22. Free shoes...thank you PF Flyers.
23. Ditching Comcast, getting Netflix on the Wii and discovering Better off Ted and Pushing Daisies.
24. Finally figuring next tattoo(s) to be...and allowing you to help me pay for it.
25. Any time I watch this video of Danny MacAskill...I dare you to not be blown away by it.
26. Discovering Band Of Horses from the aforementioned Dan MacAskill video...and creating a Pandora station from the song The Funeral.
27. A baby squirrel having a bit of trouble.
28. Finding out The Muppets have a youtube channel and are pushing out new stuff.
29. Photos of a skatepark at night.
30. An update to Michelangelo's La Pieta
31. Inventing the fake retweet.
32. Powerpoint as the enemy.
33. Videos of artists doing their thing.
34 and 35. A couple of sites to waste a lot of time making music. Site one. Site two.
36. Letterpress via dice.
37. Miloh


  1. Happy birthday, bro! Let me add five things to your list (brings you to my age):
    1. Poppie meeting his great-grandson and giggling over Miloh.
    2. Me meeting Miloh.
    3. Knowing that you are an excellent dad (and Staci an excellent mom).
    4. Your cool blog for me to follow.
    5. Knowing that if you shared what you're thinking about for a tattoo and its approximate cost I might donate to the fund...

  2. Thanks. Jackie, I'm not divulging the tattoo...but it's Art Director geek/really stupid. I think it will cost about $300 because although it's simple I want a good person to do it.

  3. You often inspire me to be less than I need to be. Thank you. I hope you have a great birthday and later on I'm going to have a grilled cheese in your honor. <3

  4. Hi Kenny, joyeux anniversaire. I am enjoying all the cool links you've shared (the dice letterpress made me go cross eyed).

  5. I'm a day late on wishing you a happy birthday. I wish I wasn't. I hope it was great!

  6. Thanks All. I just realize #7 was #18 last year. If these were in any real order that would be good news for them.

  7. YouKnowWhoThisIsJuly 3, 2011 at 10:00 PM

    You often inspire me to be less than I need to be. Thank you. I hope you have a great birthday and later on I'm going to have a grilled cheese in your honor. <3


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