August 1, 2010

Miloh's sixth month in numbers

June 22 - July 21


  1. Get that kid some avocado-puree w/ milk and YUM! Love that he's praying...for a crib. Waiting on mine to start climbing out anyday, she's a monkey! (Oh and this comment was brought to you with Double Spaces.) Probably shouldn't have added that last part, you'll probably delete it now.

  2. Sweet Harper, is your child vegetarian? If so, please forward your favorite protein filled recipes to Kenny.

  3. Good lord get that kid a real bed! So cute especially the no injuries baby!
    Stacy: avocado mousse Caleb could not get enough of it! Purée avocado, banana and either yogurt and formula. I also did this with tofu.
    Caleb loved tofu and pineapple purée too.

  4. Staci, funny you should ask about protein recipes. My daughter is not vegetarian, but am on the hunt for high protein recipes for her because she is such a lil' peanut and the doctor wants her to gain a few more lbs. Will pass them along as I get them! Although, it's more finger food stuff, but Miloh will be ready in just a few short months. Oh, and my favorite baby food book was called 'Super Baby Food' in case you're interested.


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