October 14, 2009

Another "We're having some kind of kid but we aren't sure what kind" post.

For the folks who have been reading for a while you know that we have no idea if we're having a boy or girl because our pre-kid refused to uncross it's legs during the ultrasound. If you haven't read the story you can check it out here.

But we have 2 new guesses on what we're having.

The first is from the kids in Staci's class. They are super interested in her pregnancy. One has even offered a pillow and some carrots to the pre-kid so it would be comfy and well fed. Yesterday the class wanted to take a vote on if it will be a boy or girl. It was a landslide: 15 for boy, 1 for girl. No recount needed.

The second guess came from a shirt we got. We registered at a local store called Pacifier. They sent us a little package after we registered. In it was a Mysterio Predicts Your Child's Future shirt...they come sealed and you get to open to see what he predicts. When we opened ours it read Romance Novelist.

While I am cool with my child becoming whatever it wants, I do admit I'm a bit disappointed. One of the shirts you can get is Criminal Mastermind...that would have been so cool. But just because our child is destined to be a novelist doesn't mean it can't moonlight as a criminal.

And if you need a good shirt or onesie for a little one you know please check out the contest i'm running for a super cute organic shirt or onesie.


  1. I heard once that its more common to have a boy first. I dont know what science they used for it but those are the results. I think if you wife has a "feeling" of which on it is...then she is probably right...you know...woman are always right hahaha

    Im having a giveaway if you want to check it out

  2. Have you tried the Chinese gender chart? It's silly but kind of fun anyway. Did you get the shirt free for starting a registry? How cute :)

  3. We tried the Chinese gender chart...it pointed to boy. I actually did a post on all that kind of stuff...it came out 50/50 http://www.smonkyou.com/2009/08/girl-vs-boy.html

    Yeah we got the shirt just for starting the registry...I thought that was cool.

  4. Haha, love the Mysterio shirt- how fun!! Any pics allowed of the preggo belly?? I want to try to guess by looking :)

    The Chinese chart said boy for me - and it is!

  5. OH! I just remembered you posted a pic a few days ago. When I saw that pic, btw, I thought right away that it's a girl. But I could use more pictures to be more sure :)

  6. I need to take pics again...I've been too lazy to set up.

    You really thought girl? I think most women have this feeling of knowing what a baby will be. Right or wrong it's interesting because they are always so sure.

    I really have no idea/no feeling what it is.

  7. Let there be no doubt-the baby is obviously a romantic crime novelist.

  8. Romantic-Crime novelist would be awesome because there aren't many of those, if any at all, so I'd hopefully be able to live of his/her earnings...

  9. It took three ultrasounds for both of my kids to expose themselves. I guess they were shy. For both kids I had a sense of what gender they were before it was confirmed. By the time I was told for sure that I was having a boy - and then a girl - I already knew. What does Staci think it is?

  10. For some reason I just thought of this post and came back finally to check the comments... still waiting on some pics! :) I thought for sure mine was a boy, and he is!

  11. We were gonna shoot some pics this weekend but time got away from us. We will shoot some soon.


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