October 1, 2009

Gear Thursday: Where is My Mind? – The Rockabye Baby lullaby version

Staci and have totally different tastes in music but one thing we do agree on is that we don't want to play traditional kids music for our baby. I mean you hear the same stuff over and over I'd go batty listening to stuff I loathed.

So we'll play real music that's kid friendly. Jack Johnson, She & Him and other stuff that's semi-mellow but good.

But what to do when you need good lullaby stuff and you don't want to have to hear Humpty Dumpty or Mary Had a Little Lamb a million times?

That's where the Rockabye BabyCD series comes in. It's lullaby versions of music you actually want to listen to. From bands like Green Day, Coldplay, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins and the Pixies.

One of my favorite songs in the collection is the Pixies's Where is My MindTo me it was always a great song. Then 'Fight Club' came around and made it a bit creepier yet empowering. The Rockabye Baby version takes it to a totally different level. It makes it super sweet.

Check out the whole collection of CDs, but listen to the samples before you buy. I was disappointed by the song selection of U2. And I'm not a fan of how the Nirvana and Ramones songs sound. But there are some real gems. I'm a little bummed they don't have a version of Clash songs, and would love to hear some Stone Roses, but they probably weren't popular enough.

Oh and if you don't consider music gear then I think you should buy an iPod for your baby. Our kid already has a Touch and a Nano we rarely use. One lucky kid.


  1. That's pretty awesome.

    Other people will probably tell you this, but They Might Be Giants has a lot of very clever, non annoying kids' music.

  2. Michael. I forgot about TMBG, they do have great stuff. Thanks.

  3. I was just listening to Luna's Bewitched album. That also makes good music for babies.


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