October 26, 2009

Random Shorts: things I'm thinking about

Disclaimer: I wrote this on the bus and really didn't spell check, grammar check or in anyway check to see if these make sense. Plus one of the shorts is rather long. There is an 87% chance that these make no sense. This is the kind content that if you paid for it you'd want your money back. I will re-edit when I get to my Mac.

Staci said that I'm already changing with kids. She said that I'm feeling more comfortable with them. I noticed it a little a few weeks back when I mentioned I was good with a 2 year old.

Here's what happened. He wouldn't hold his mom's hand in parking lot so I said to him that I'd hold Staci's. I did and he grabbed his mom's hand. Like I said in the original post don't deserve a Nobel Prize for that but it was a huge step for me.

The thing is I was totally able to relate to his frustration of not wanting to hold his mom's hand. I think we all remember when we got to the age that we felt we could go it alone.

In fact my mom loves to tell the story of when I was a kid and she wanted me to hold her hand in a parking lot. I asked why and she said it was dangerous for me to be in the parking lot without someone holding my hand. So I clasped my hands together and strutted away saying "I'll hold m hand."

Staci also said there were 2 other times I was good with kids. Once was in the store with the little girl who randomly called her doll the name we're gonna use if we have a girl. I honestly don't remember me talking to the girl.

And Staci said there was another time she thought I was good at talking with a kid recently. Again I don't recall it. I think that's because when I do talk to kids that I don't know, I get totally stressed out because I don't know what to say and forget the whole incident.

Friends, family and some readers keep telling me I'm going to be a great dad. It flatters me. I really do want to ge a good dad especially because I said earlier my father was a total ass. But in a way I think he'll be partially responsible for me being a good dad...it will be the only gift he gives my kid.

I did have 3 good male role models growing up...my grandfather, my mom's boyfriend (they are married now) and my Big Brother (from the Big Brother association...great group.) But the biggest impact on fatherhood for me was my father. As I got older I realized I wanted to be the exact opposite of him. And I think that's happened. Like the father in Everclear's 'Father of Mine' he was a great role model of what not to be...I should say that although I mention that song my situation with my father was different.

To lighten stuff up a bit I'll tell you of my recent, unexpected, science experiment. The other day I came home from work and I was super hungry but we had no snacks around. So while I was making dinner I thought I'd have some french fries.

So I grabbed 3 Ore-Ida fries from a bag and put them in the microwave. Now I'm not sure if they still make microwave fries but they used to so I saw no danger. And in case you're wondering I wasn't expecting french fry greatness from the microwave.

Any way two of the fries were nearly touching. About 7 seconds in the arced..there was a spark and then a flare up...and the microwave filled with smoke.

The two fries in question were half burnt...or to be optimistic half un-burnt.

I wanted to recreate this but though creating fires from things arcing in my microwave isn't the best idea if I want to keep said microwave. But I think this could be the next YouTube sensation. So if you try it and film it please attribute to me and send a link. Kids don't try this.

FOUR: Another guess on the babies gender. We went out for Chinese food this weekend. Staci was a bit dizzy so I grabbed her a fortune cookie. The word to learn on the back was daughter. After the meal she got another cookie...the word on the back was January...hmmm...will the cookie be right? The Chinese gender chart says boy... 

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