October 5, 2009

Random shorts 2: things I've learned or have been thinking

Before Staci got pregnant she would always be under a comforter when she slept even when it was the summer. At most in the dead of winter I wold be under a thin fleece blanket, but usually it was just a sheet. Now she's warm when she sleeps and is usually under a sheet, but I'm sleeping under a blanket. It makes sense that her body temp would change but makes no sense tha mine would.

Based on some of the things we're getting our baby I fear it will be a design snob.

Radiolab recently did an interesting story about babie's brains. One thing I learned is that when a baby is staring at you and you think it's super cute it's really just a lapse in the brain. To over simplify it the brain is switching from the primal older part of the brain to the modern thinking part of the brain and it gets stuck...so you think it's staring lovingly. Sorry...

I was really good with a 2 year old this weekend. I'm not saying I deserve a Nobel Prize, I would accept if offered, but it shows I'm changing around kids.

I once again said something I shouldn't have. Staci said something like, "I've been really good so far during the pregnancy, I'm not hormonal at all." to which I replied "yeah, I'm actually surprised." There may have been something lost in translation.

I just heard that some insurance companies consider ADD a pre-existing condition, along with things like being abused or being a Fireman. That means my kid is f-ed because I was diagnosed with ADHD before it was cool...so I wouldn't be surprised if my baby has it. A pre-kid with a pre-existing condition.

Speaking of that when I used to teach snowboarding I was on a lift with a 10 year old who I could tell was very ADD...he was like a mini me. It was exhausting talking to him the short ride up the tiny Minnesota hill...it made me think how hard it was for people to deal with me when I was young. At that moment I realized how amazing my mom was that she was able to deal with me...I'd say more but she reads this and I've probably already made her cry.

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  1. voted (quite a few times)!

    That is ridiculous about ADD being pre-existing.. I had no idea!

    And my husband and I are oddly enough the same way- him under the blanket and me on top of it- when it used to be the other way around!

  2. hmmm...that's really weird that it's happening with you guys too. I hope my body temp goes back because I love the cold weather.

  3. hmmm...that's really weird that it's happening with you guys too. I hope my body temp goes back because I love the cold weather.


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