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Side effects include:

Of course the obvious one would be drowsiness. Then I guess sleeplessness goes along with that...or maybe is the cause of it.

But I'm experiencing some other unexpected side effects.

One would be the feeling of youthfulness. not sure why but sometimes when I'm hanging with the little dude I feel much younger...early twenties.

Abdominal pain. Miloh likes when we sit on an exercise ball and bounce up and down. We're getting some good ab workouts from doing this.

Leg cramping. He also likes when I hold him and bounce my legs up and down like a squat. And he knows the subtle differenc in the way this and the ball feels. So while it's tough on my legs, like a day of snowboarding, it's also a good workout.

Delesions of grandeur. Well maybe grandeur isn't the right word (see next symptom) because it's more that I feel big in the physical sense. Or rather that I'm noticing how incredibly tiny he is. Like I've said many times I, until Miloh I hadn't spent large amounts of times with a baby. Maybe I'd hold them for a minute or such...but beig around him all the time really makes me think how tiny babies are. It's crazy.

Forgetfulness. Sometimes it's just forgetting simple words. Other times it's me standing in the aisle of a store with 3 things written on a list while I know there is a fourth thing to buy. Standing, looking around and thinking. The thinking that maybe what I need is in the pet food aisle only to go there, hang for a bit and walk away. Then only when I get home and Staci asks for the cabbage do I remember that fourth item. To be fair 'cabbage' and 'cat' start with the same sound so the pet food aisle wasn't far off.

Cannibalism. I never really understood the whole "he's so cute I could eat him up" thing. Now I understand it...last night I told Miloh I could eat him up and I stuck his hand in my mouth. Funny thing is like father like son, bcause he then put my nose in his.

Rambling. I'm not really sure if the sentences I'm stringing together here make any sense. See drowsiness, sleeplessness and forgetfulness.


  1. I love it because it's true. Especially the forgetting words and other things. For a solid six months we ended up using some kind of delusional shorthand to communicate with each other when one of us had lost the power of coherent speech. It comes in very handy and I highly recommend it. But I really hope Banana Salad doesn't mean the same thing for you guys that it meant for us.

    And he is totally eatable.

  2. I understand what you mean. My hubby often "eats" our son. He is 4 months old and his chubby little feets are my personal favorite!

  3. Very cute! And I've got the forgetfulness now, so I'm really in trouble.

  4. The eating. Yes, the eating. It gave me a new appreciation for the line in "Where the Wild Things Are": "Please don't go! We'll eat you up, we love you so!"

  5. Imprint on your brain how tiny he is! Because before you know it, he'll be more than twice as big and you'll never believe he could have ever have been so small.

  6. Imprint on your brain how tiny he is! Because before you know it, he'll be more than twice as big and you'll never believe he could have ever have been so small.


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