February 18, 2010

Gear Thursday: Baby carrier round up

A bit ago a reader of the blog asked me to do a round up of baby carriers for guys. I had planned on doing this much earlier by testing them out with weighted items but I figured the best test would be with an actual baby...so I waited.

I looked at 3 different carriers; the Moby Wrap, the Ergo Baby Carrier and an organic BabyBjorn Carrier.

I had to move some of my reviews off this blog so click here to see the original post...it's good stuff so it's worth the click.


  1. I own a "Cuddly Wrap" (which is just like the moby, but different material - same idea though), and a Baby Bjorn.

    I tried the cuddly wrap when my baby girl was newborn (well, about 3 weeks old), and it was just 'ok' for me. I felt like her head was scrunched weird when I did the (I think it's called the) cradle hold. Plus I felt like it took WAY TOO LONG to wrap around me.

    I think the Baby Bjorn is SUPER FAST to get into (and out) of! Took me a minute or two the first time (as I was reading instructions), but it takes merely seconds now. Hailey is now 4 months old and we still use the carrier, but with her front facing. Because of the front facing feature, I would say it has more than one "hold" as you wrote. She loves to look out and see everything. - I'm glad you like the head strap, though Hailey never did. Even when she was small and facing me, she preferred the strap to be undone and for me to hold her head (**by preferred, I mean she screamed until I unbuckled the head strap).

    Anyways. Thanks for your review. Love reading what a guy thinks :)

  2. We have the ergo, and I definitely wouldn't use it until 4 months without the infant insert, which luckily we were able to borrow. My husband really likes it! We borrowed a moby but haven't even tried it because it seems so complicated... and we are lazy :)

  3. i love baby gear...especially carriers! i have all three types as well as a peanut shell. we mostly used the baby bjorn up until a few weeks ago when i got an ergo carrier...my little guy is six months old, and it fits really well and i love, love, love using it!
    have a great giveaway going on right now for an ergo here: http://www.realmomsrealviews.com/2010/02/15/hold-your-baby-close-ergobaby-giveaway/
    if it's not cool that i posted that, just delet me, no problem. just thought others might want a chance to win an awesome carrier! love your blog!

  4. I was totally hoping that my husband would wear the Moby Wrap (we are expecting our first in May). I had visions of him and he looked good in those visions...but if you won't wear it...I can be assured that he won't. Plus the picture you showed makes me think that maybe men aren't supposed to wear these?

    So thanks for this heads up...I am thinking a Baby Bjorn is probably a better choice.

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  6. check out the boba carrier...it's another great option if you are an active adult and have a toddler :) {also comes organic}
    ...so, yeah...i love baby gear!

  7. Thanks for the male perspective on this. My hubby wants to get one and we didn't know which. We will probably shell out the bcks and get the Baby Bjorn one.

  8. Thanks for the great reviews! We're planning to get the Moby wrap, but I don't know if my husband will wear it or not. We're also going with a Beco carrier (similar to the Ergo, but baby is a bit more secure).

  9. So I left a comment about you in my blog today...2nd post down. Check it out!

  10. Ha, my husband's favorite is the baby bjorn too... which i don't really like, probably because every time i've put ryan in it, he screams (but for some reason loves when his dad puts him in it!)

    I have a moby and it's my favorite :) but i agree it looks a little funny on a dude. the baby k'tan is a wrap, but.. a little different. i don't think it looks AS feminine and we actually ordered that one for Steve too.

    did you guys get a stroller too? i'm starting to think we'll rarely use ours with all these carriers we have and we should have bought a cheaper one!!


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