February 26, 2010

Best (and second best) award ever

I got another award the other day. This one rocks because it's from not only one of my fave blogger/twitterers, but also because it's her actual personal, made it herself award.

It's from Morgan from The818

It's the Somebody in the 818 Loves Me award. To be honest I already knew that some folks loved me in the 818 but they are different somebodies.

My other awesome award was also from Morgan...it was given to me couple weeks back.

Yeah I realize I had a typo in there but my favorite copywriters can't spell well.

And usually awards come with some things you're supposed to share and blogs you're supposed to link to...but I did that earlier this week so check out Morgan's post about the award to find some great blogs.


  1. your tweet reminds me of a coffee cup i received as a gift once that read, "i'm not opinionated, i'm just always right." i took it as a compliment. they clearly understood that my point of view is consistently valuable...

    congrats on your new button! cheers!

  2. If anyone follows that link to my blog, they will find that I posted a misspelled tweet of my own (unrelated.)

    Twitter, it's time you added spell check.

    Kenny, you rule.


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