March 23, 2010

BFFs for ever

We were a bit aprehensive when we first brought Miloh home because we were unsure of ow our dog Kalli would handle a new arrival. She has always loved children, let them grab her tail, hug her and lean on her but you never know how dogs will react to a permanant member of the house.

We did have a plan to help the transition. When we went to the hospital to have Miloh we sent Kalli to the spa that she stays in...we didn't name it the spa that's what it's called. The day after Miloh was born we brought a blanket that he was swaddled in to the spa so Kalli could smell him.

Then we had him in the house a day before we brought her back.

The first day she came home she was mildly interested in Miloh but she was more interested in the bone we got her and the new toy she got. Day two she understood what was going on. Kalli would refuse to be in any room other than one Miloh was in.

We started off with Miloh in a Pack 'n Play at the foot of our bed. But you know how things are and the next day it moved to Staci's side of the bed. The only problem is Kalli slept on the floor on that we moved her to the floor on my side.

The first night she was fine but on the second night Kalli would not sleep on her bed. Instead she slept right next to the pack and play. But we realized she wasn't trying to get into her spot because that's not the area sh slept. She just wanted to be close to her new buddy.

As time passed she got more interested in him. When we first got Kalli she'd wiggle like crazy when we came home...but she expects it now and the wiggle is smaller. However if Miloh is away that crazy wiggle makes a return appearance when he comes back home.

She is so sweet with him licking his feet and face. She also hangs out by him when he poos, but that's for other reasons. When Miloh's doing tummy time Kalli is usually around. If he is wailing uncontrollably because we didn't get a bottle to him on time she'll come find us and give us a look.

She really cares for him and it makes us so happy. But we do realize there will be a time where she's no longer our dog but his instead. And when he's old enough she'll be sleeping in his room instead of ours...she already wants to make the switch.


  1. My dog could care less about the baby, but...Milo and Kalli look so cute together!

  2. Sweet pic! Kalli sounds like a great dog. We had a cat, that acted like a dog, when we brought home our first and he would get in the bassinet to steal nuks...we went through almost 20! Didn't feel too comfortable with the cat's "affectionate" ways, and wanted to move the baby into his own room, so the cat has since retired to his lake home (my parents) where we can chase critters and lounge all day without kids pulling his fur. At least until we go for a visit ;-)

  3. Well you know I love that story--a boy and his dog. When do I get a copy of that picture, my dear brother. So it's "a boy and his dog" all over again, but this time the boy is Miloh and not Kenny. :-) Love you all!

  4. Love this! Piper and Gilbert are also bff and it is so cute. Now that she's walking and talking a bit it's even cuter. She gets up in the morning and when we come out of her room I ask her where her puppy is and she takes off for his crate so they can start tearing up my house together. AND she learned how to open it and let him out. She waves hi and bye to him too. Meltingly adorable.

  5. that is SO CUTE it makes me want a dog. but my husband says we already have a baby, we can't have everything. lol

  6. Mae...that's cute stuff about Piper and Gilbert (which is a sweet name for a dog.)

  7. Great post. Can't wait to introduce the Girls (as we call the dogs) to Baby Grrl!™ (as we call our D-minus 2 months daughter).

  8. Great post. Can't wait to introduce the Girls (as we call the dogs) to Baby Grrl!™ (as we call our D-minus 2 months daughter).


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