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The Ides of Miloh

Today is what I hope to be the first day of a tradition. I'm not sure what I'll call it...Staci calls it Miloh day while I'm thinking the Ides of Miloh.

Either way it will be a day that Miloh and I hang out.

I've always had a thing for the Ides of March that started when I had to read Julius Cesar. I was instantly intrigued by the name...not the whole Et tu, Brute part. But had no idea what the Ides were...later I found out it was the 15th of some months and the 13th of others...its not just a March thing.

Fast forward to my first job in a real career. 4 months in I got my first promotion...the day was March 15...the day seemed even more auspicious.

Later that year I was discussing with a friend the pros and cons of taking your birthday off of work...she was a fan of not working...I was cool with working. But the conversation got me thinking...maybe I should find a day that I don't work every year...a day for myself.

So I picked the Ides of March...or if it falls on a weekend I take the Friday or Monday of. I think I only worked one March 15 since I started working...but I remember it was for a photoshoot...not sure which one but I'm thinking it was good.

And now I have Miloh so I'm extending the day to him. I'm spending the whole day with him...which this year is a nice break for Staci. I plan on keeping up this tradition...I'll pull him out of school to observe our little holiday.

I hope he likes the tradition and the time spent. And I hope he extends it to his college years and further...because I think everyone needs a day like this. For a lot it's their b-day...for me it's today.

And it reminds me a bit of that Visa commercial that asks "When is the last time you went to the aquarium...with your daughter...on a Tuesday?" The question might not fit exactly, Miloh being my son, but the idea is what it's all about. I'm not a fan of putting an ad up for free...but the campaign is really nice so I'll make an exception.


  1. I love the pic! Awww!

    It's a wonderful idea. I barely remember elementary school, but I DO remember the very few times that my mom took us to the beach instead of to school. (For us, this was big! We were those kids that were alone in school when the weather was nasty!)

    You will be making SUCH a difference in your sons life. It brings tears to my eyes.

    Happy Miloh day! Have fun!!!

  2. oy- that pic is beyond adorable.
    and kudos on your new "tradition"!

  3. I dont think I've ever "met" anyone more in synergy with my idea of DadCAMP than you.

    Congrats, man.

  4. yeah. i'd eat that biscuit.

    dude? you are already such a great dad. i mean, i knew you would be and all, but this is awesome. miloh and staci are so lucky to have you. what a great idea and special tradition. i can see miloh now, when he's like 6 telling his friends at school that he doesn't have to come to school tomorrow because his dad is the coolest. nice going pop.

    and i like that commerical.

  5. He's ADORABLE. I love the tradition idea and that you can take a day for yourself and Miloh. He's going to love it when he gets older.

    I remember a day my dad took off of work to "take me to the dentist." I didn't go to school but dreaded it. We got in the car for what seemed to be an extended trip. I didn't really want to ask, I just figured it was a different dentist sort of far away. He gets off the freeway and we pull up to Magic Mountain: best day ever.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love this idea, and I love that you're spending your day with him. You really are a great Dad already, just like we told you you would be!!

    HE'S SO CUTE!!

  8. Great photo and a really lovely idea! Funny, I was just thinking about that commercial the other day, and was telling David how we are totally going to pull Poppy out of school sometimes for fun family days. (:

    Miloh is so cute I can hardly stand it. My best regards to your lovely family! Cheers!

  9. He is cute. And I'm not just saying that to be nice like us grown ups do sometimes...I'd venture to say Very Stinking Cute.
    Cool idea about taking a day to yourself, aside from your birthday!

  10. What a wonderful idea. Miloh is really going to cherish this as he gets older. And everyone else is right: he is adorable.

  11. thanks all for your comments on the pic and on the day...which I decided will be called The Ides of Miloh. The day was a success.

  12. I'm a huge fan of family traditions and I LOVE this one. When I was pregnant I was trying to think of what traditions I'd continue with Ryan and what new ones I would make. This is a wonderful and sweet idea, Kenny!


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