March 7, 2010

Week six in numbers

Miloh was fine after his little fall.


  1. I think every baby falls at some point. I fell asleep and my daughter rolled out of my arms and onto the floor when she was a few weeks old. Those rubbery joints aren't just good for being born!

    Oh, by the way, I forgot to comment on your post earlier this week, but I have read that it actually uses less water to run your dishwasher than it does to wash dishes by hand, so don't feel too guilty about putting the bottles in the dishwasher. And that phosphate free detergent sucks. We ditched it too. It doesn't actually save anything if you have to run the dishwasher twice to wash the same dishes.

  2. These signs are awesome and you should market them.

  3. I love these!

    Piper took a header off of the changing table at about... 4 months? We caught her when she hit the diaper pail so she didn't end up falling all the way to the floor.

    Just wait until he's learning to sit by himself and falls straight backward smacking his head on the floor. That was so much worse. We nearly went to the hospital I freaked out so much, I was sure she had a concussion.

    Also these continue to reinforce my belief that my child pooped way more than normal. Still does. Aren't you glad I mentioned it? You're welcome.


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