May 11, 2010

Adventures in floor bedding

A lot of folks have asked Staci and I questions about the floor bed. What it is exactly, when to do it, how to do it. I tried to answer them in a post I did a bit ago.

But the most asked question is what do you do if he rolls off. Our first answer was always that we didn't need to worry about it because he wouldn't roll for a while.

But in reality the answer is that the mattress is 4-5 inches tall and there is a rug under it so if he rolls off he'll be okay since it's not long like the carpet. Also if he was able to roll off he'd have the ability to be mobile and get to his back.

That's all in theory...on Mother's Day we were finally able to answer the question in practice.
We had just put him on his bed for a nap...then we talked about how we were happy that we figured out a nice routine from him and that we were working as a great team. We walked downstairs and heard a little giggle on the radio monitor. So we turned on the video monitor...there was his was empty.

We ran upstairs to find him about 3.5 feet from his bed and happy as he could be. We had only left him for 2 minutes...and we have no idea how he got like this. When he rolls over he rolls towards the wall...I had never seen him roll to his right (until later that day.)

I wish we somehow got the incident on video because I'm sure it would have been great.

Anyway the answer to "what happens if he rolls off?" is we run upstairs to find a happy baby.


  1. i like how he's all "hey guys".

    either that or secretly planning your demise because you're going to keep cheese from him.

  2. Just wait until he can crawl, and then let's talk. I have been using floor bed since 3 months and love it, but its very hard to keep babester in it now at the appropriate sleep times. That's how I was surfing the internet for solutions for "floor bed sleep training" and found you. But, it is awesome. I recommend trying a twin so you can cuddle up down there with him!

  3. SO FREAKING CUTE. I've been meaning to get back here all week to comment, every time I think of it I laugh. Adorable. And hilarious.

  4. this is such a cool idea. I'm curious to try it. The place we are at right now has really gross carpet though, but perhaps when we move to our house in a few weeks, we can give this a try!

  5. hahaha, this post made me laugh out loud - because I can totally picture Ryan doing the same and being all giggly and sneaky about it. Cute!


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