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Another guest post

I did a little guest post a bit ago for, the post is below the original pre-amble.

If you head to you can see a little guest post I wrote. It's about being a daddy blogger in the midst of a bunch of mommy bloggers.

The post is kicking off Tiffany's new site. It used to be called Feels Like Home but then some other blogger felt that she owned the name because she was thinking about to registering the name...even though really the name comes from a song. And I think it's pretty ridiculous that the other woman threatened a law suit because of this.

And that BS and some other twitter high school antics lead me to one of my greatest literary feats...a little rant on twitter.

The image is below, if you click on it you can read the whole goes from the bottom up. A little warning if you read it...there may be an f-bomb or 20...and now it's in the Library of Congress...awesome.

Here's the post from
When Tiffany asked me to do a guest post for her relaunch I thought cool..this will be awesome. Then I thought, wow this is gonna suck because I’m having total creative block.

So I used the wonderful world of the interwebs and asked twitter folks what I should write about. One of the responses I got back was from Tiffany herself asking “how about why a nice guy like you ever decided to get caught up with all the crazy ladies?” And as she’s the host and I like the question I figured I’d pick that.

Let’s start with the first part of the question. There is a huge assumption that I’m a nice guy. Maybe I’m a total creep…it’s the internet after all so how do you know if anyone is who they say they are? Maybe my daddy blog is pure fiction. I could be borrowing pics of a friend’s kid and making everything up as I go. In a way that would be pretty brilliant and pretty fun. I could write a book and get on Oprah…because we know she likes fake memoirs. As I write that out I kind of love the idea…but the thought of it being fiction is in itself pure fiction.

The real story about how I got caught up with a bunch of mommy can be answered two ways. One would be really boring, simple and analytic talking about the actual way I found myself in this place. The other could be more abstract about.

Here’s the boring version first, it was supposed to be short but I’m loquacious so it’s long…

I started my blog because when my awesome wife got pregnant I started putting my foot in my mouth immediately. First the day after she took the test I told her that it was weird that she was looking bloated already (she was only 4 days late.) I mention this kind of often, but I mention it because she was in fact bloated…it went away 2 days later. A couple days after that comment I told her that I thought her nausea was psychosomatic…I mean seriously how can you feel that bad right after she found out? Well I guess you can…and since I was the master of the gaff a friend told me it would be funny if I started a blog…so I did.

Then someone told me to list it on a baby blog site, and I found Top Baby Blogs. And the thing is that’s more of a mom blog site vs. a dad blog site. So now I had strangers coming to my blog and most were women.

As all that was going on I realized that my friends on twitter don’t probably didn’t want to hear about my, pre-kid (it’s what I called Miloh before he showed himself). So I set up a twitter account for the blog. Then little by little my tweets on my personal @stumblingmonk account got fewer while the @smonkyou ones got more frequent…and that’s basically the boring how found my self a dad among all these crazy moms.

If you want to blame someone you can probably blame fellow guest blogger Morgan from because she was one of the first non-real-life friends to comment on my blog and one of the first moms I connected with on twitter. You can also blame another guest blogger Mandy from for helping me gain mommy blog followers from a guest post I did on her blog.

Now for the non-boring version.

First I should say that I’m a bit of a reluctant blogger. Had my friend not mentioned it a few times I would have never started writing. Before I started writing I never really checked out blogs that were already out there. No mommy blogs and no daddy blogs. So I didn’t realize there were dad blog communities. And like I said Top Baby Blogs is predominately a mom blog deal that’s sort of where I fell.

In being reluctant I really didn’t put a lot of energy out there to promote my site…and I still don’t…so I kind of stay in the bubble I started in. It’s expanded a quite a bit and now even includes some guys. Although I’d guess that of my 500 twitter followers only about 20 are guys.

But then there is the question of why I feel comfortable with all the ladies? I guess my twitter/blog life pretty much mirrors my real life. I hate to say it but at first impression I’m not a huge fan of most guys. My dad is a total ass so that’s probably where a lot of it stems from. I’m getting over this a little bit as I’ve met some cool dads online recently.

I’ve always been friendlier with more girls than guys. Most of my roommates have been women and all of my girlfriends were women (well I guess that’s obvious.) Plus I got the awesome nickname of Kenny the Male Lesbian from all my lesbian friends in Chicago.

So really it’s a combination of my online personae matching the real me (which is a good thing), me being a little lazy in not promoting myself and really just being content and comfortable being a dude among women.

Maybe I can wear the title of Kenny the Male Mommy Blogger


  1. in the Library of congres?!! are you kidding?
    love your blog.
    so enjoyable to actually READ for a change - you know, something other than "Hop on Pop"


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