May 13, 2010

A little spill

I don't know why but I did't think he'd be able to tip over the water.


  1. clever aren't they! he is gorgeous and growing up so fast.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Miloh is adorable. It is great that you and your wife are really trying to be environmentally friendly and purchase as many "natural" products as you can. I am just curious to know why he isn't being breastfed? Did he try it and it wasn't working out? As you know breastmilk is the most natural food you could ever give your baby. It just seems a little contradictory to buy organic, natural items for the baby, yet feed him one of the most chemically processed horrible foods out there. Wearing an organic onesie isn't going to make any difference in his life (or yours), but feeding him breastmilk would. Just curious to know your stance on this!


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