June 13, 2010

97 years in the making

He giggled more than I have ever seen before when he saw him...I'm talking about my grandfather. Miloh laughed too. A few weekends ago we went back to my hometown and our first stop was to see my grandfather, we'll call him Poppie for now on because that's what he's called.

My mother asked me not to mention that she started crying before we even opened the door to his place*...so I won't do that. I'll skip right to when we opened the door to his place. Poppie laughed so hard. Then he went right up to Miloh in the stroller, where he was asleep, and leaned in to get a good look...but he was careful not to wake him.

We chatted a bit and asked Poppie if he wanted us to wake Miloh so he could hold him, he said no...he didn't want to disturb Miloh. Not a minute later he said that now he was ready to hold Miloh.

It was fantastic...my grandfather was elated, I think he teared up a bit...weird thing is Miloh teared up for a second too. Then Miloh smiled when Poppie talked to him...he has such an amazing voice, really he should have done voiceovers, and Miloh loved it.

Once Miloh got a little squirmy Poppie put him down. He, my grandfather, continued to giggle until we left.

They saw each other 3 more times that trip...and we're going to record a video of Poppie reading a book so Miloh could have some of the same memories I do of his amazing reading voice.

The best part about it for me is if you read this older post you'll learn about how until I changed my last name to my grandfather's he was the last in the family with it...now it has continued 2 more generations than expected.

*I also won't mention that my mom cried the second she saw Miloh when she picked us up at the airport and saw Miloh again, or that she cried many times that weekend. And I certainly won't mention that I teared up a bit as we left Poppie's house the last day of our trip.


  1. Okay I just teared up too! They are so cute together!

  2. It was amazing seeing Poppie with Miloh. I took a video on my camera. Perhaps we can get it up on your blog.

    I have some of those old books Poppie used to read to us. He does have an excellent reading voice, and I know our memories are ones that we should share with Miloh. If you want any of the old books let me know.

    That 97 years in the making was wonderful--our Poppie (note to readers: I named Poppie, as I am older than Kenny...) is so proud of you, Staci, and Miloh and so happy to have more generations of his Friedman name. It's a great tradition to carry on.


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