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Miloh, Kalli and Lionel Richie

We were listening to Pandora while Miloh had tummy usual Kalli came to hang out. Lionel Richie's 'Oh No' was playing at the time and the song was perfect for what was going on.


  1. Is it weird or creepy that I just watched that three times in a row?

  2. I don't think so...I keep watching and I'm starting to like the song

  3. OMG. That is the sweetest thing ever. What an awesome dog! I wish my dogs were like that with my daughter! They run in the opposite direction when they see her coming!

  4. First of all I'm not a big fan of dogs but I can tell that's a good one. Your son is cuter today too. Damn him. My kids will NEVER catch up to that cuteness.

  5. That was weird...such a wonderful moment. At the same time I was thinking....that wasn't very hygienic...but that's probably just my OCD coming out...he he he...

  6. Isn't there a myth that dog's mouths are super clean? it's probably wrong but let's pretend it's not.

  7. That is straight up adorable. And your kid? Totally big! When did that happen?

  8. I was also thinking "ewww" as Kalli was licking Miloh's face but at the same time it's the cutest thing ever. What a sweet, sweet dog. It's amazing how maternal she appears to be with him.
    ps: cool new background!

  9. I guess Kalli thinks Miloh needed some cleaning!!

  10. it was so cute but there is a point in the video that I say to kalli 'all done' as she is licking miloh's face. But he loved it and so dd she. They are buddies which makes me happy.

  11. I guess I haven't been around these parts in a while. I like the new look. A lot. That was one of the best videos I've seen in a while. Your dog is so sweet with Miloh. My dog isn't the best with our Milo, makes me sad. Very, ridiculously adorable.

  12. This is adorable. One of our dogs tries to make out with Parker as much as he can, but since she is still only a month old I try to limit the dog kisses to only a couple on the face at a time (just for now!).

    Oh and I think you are right...dogs mouths are really quite clean. At least that's what I tell myself around these parts since we have two big dogs.

  13. i can't wait until you tell miloh's first girlfriend that his first french kiss was with kalli. yum. :)

  14. That was weird...such a wonderful moment. At the same time I was thinking....that wasn't very hygienic...but that's probably just my OCD coming out...he he he...


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