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Miloh's music selections

It's funny because each time I write a post about Miloh sleeping well that very day I publish it he totally changes and we have to figure it all out again.

It started with a post where I hit a wall when he was super young and had a fussy week. It had a happy ending but the night it posted on another site he got fussy again. Then we figured out a good routine and did cry it out..the night that post went live he became fussy again because he was teething.

We figured that all out and he was good. So I think writing this post could be a mistake. It's about my most recent adventure in putting him to bed.

You see part of our routine involved us singing a lullaby to him...there is one minor problem with that. I don't know any. I try to learn them but I forget them, instead I wind up making a song up to the tune of If I Only Had a Brain or something like that...when I do the words are pretty much the same every time...they involve me singing about how I don't know the words.

I figured I'd play some calming music for him and made a station on Pandora from the song If You Leave Me Now. Most of you probably know this is by Chicago...I didn't. Although the song was around when I was a kid I'm not to good on that kind of music as it wasn't what I listened to.

But I thought it would be a nice station to get Miloh settled. And it was.

First song up was some other song by Chicago, I forget it. Next up was the Bee Gee's How Deep is Your Love, followed by Your Song by Elton John.

That's when I teared up a bit...that's happening too much lately.

But it was because I realized that when he's older and hears that stuff he'll think it will embarrass him like my mom's music embarrassed me. Now like I said this stuff is just a bit before my time, but I do like it.

The real deal is that stuff I grew up on. 80s stuff is on stations that refer to that as oldies. Shit...the songs I grew up on are oldies.

That saddens me.

When I play some Clash, Sex Pistols or even something newer like Bishop Allen (check them out) he will think it's just old silly music.

Which brings me back to my post about a poster we got for his room when he's older.

P.S. he really seems to like Chicago...he calms every time one of their songs are on. He hates Air maybe there is some hope there.

And for those of you who read this whole story you get a prize...a video of me singing to Miloh. It's the Planet of the Apes song from the Simpson's (because I know all the words.) I've also been singing the Clash's Bankrobber lately because I know those words too...but I feel like I'm lying to him because although my father stole he was never a bankrobber...maybe I could be a better influence on Miloh rob a bank or two.

And I of course don't normally sing like a jackass...well I don't normally sing...but I was trying to entertain Miloh and he liked hearing me sound like a fool...I guess all kids are the same that way.


  1. i watched that 2 times. so cute. his giggle is adorable.

  2. Is it wrong that I skipped the reading part and went straight for the video? Although I'm glad I stopped by. I always mean to check out cool tweeters' blogs.

  3. I love when you look like a fool. Will that be on release on itunes soon? I'm willing to pay -$1.00

  4. Nellie loves Lady GaGa. Specifically "Bad Romance". I sing it to her all the time while she's taking a bath and she grins like a nutcase up at me. I think she likes the "rah rah ah ah ah" part best.

    My kid's going to be fierce as hell.

    Also, I have to wait to watch the vid b/c Nellie's napping and I don't want to turn the sound on.

  5. I make up songs for Piper all the time because I never remember any lullabyes or nursery rhymes.

  6. Is it wrong that I skipped the reading part and went straight for the video? Although I'm glad I stopped by. I always mean to check out cool tweeters' blogs.

  7. i watched that 2 times. so cute. his giggle is adorable.


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