September 17, 2010

I Found Booger On My Wrist

I found a booger on my wrist.
It is not mine I must insist

Not mine as from my nose twas not.
My son's the one who owned the snot.

There is some spit up on my shirt.
I hope that it can pass for dirt.

A cough a sneeze went through the air.
That's how the goop landed there.

Oh god what's that? This smell's absurd.
Oh shit my nails are packed with turd.

I have some pee there on my pants. 

I wasn't doing the wee wee dance.

While trying to change the little dude's diaper.
That thing came out like a nasty viper.

And now it looks like I couldn't hold it.
This day looks like I should just fold it.

P.S. Don't steal this (there has been a lot of blog theft lately) like everything on here is copyrighted.


  1. I'm pretty sure we lived the same life this morning. Hysterical.

  2. My sitter called me frantically at work one day to tell me my baby (Fred - 3 days younger than Miloh) had two giant "pox-like things" on this head. They were boogers.


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