September 1, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom: look at a girls eyes

Wisdom for Miloh: if you like a girl remember her eye color

You know that girl you like? Check out her eyes...remember the color. There will be a test.

You see it is, in whatever color eyes the have, completely unacceptable to forget what color a girl's eyes are. There is however one exception.

If however you become a piano playing singer who wears crazy glasses you can forget the color of a girls eyes. In fact if you become that person it will be super sweet to forget the color of their eyes.

But while I want to support you in everything you do I don't think you'll be a piano playing singer. There is some musical talent in the family, not from your mom or me, but there is absolutely no good singing voice genes anywhere in your blood...sorry about that.

Ladies and gentlemen...Elton John

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