September 2, 2010

Week 31 in numbers

August 20-26


  1. i totally read every single one of these and wish i thought of it as well as had more infographics in my day to day. nerd.

  2. hello! just found this, love your blog. i will be following. want to do a link exchange? ill put you in my blogs i dig and vice versa? let me know, thanks! -sarah, rock n' stroll

  3. I read. Miloh is like a week older than Bronwyn, so it's actually interesting to me. Not that I have anything to compare since I don't track anything.

  4. so I am proven wrong...thanks.

    I figured people look at them, but it's the same info over and over so the sub-head kind of things (stuff after number of bottles or diapers) is tough to come up with new stuff every week...and I had creative block this week.


  5. reading these give me hope for the 2 infographics classes i took.

    and failed.


  6. I read them.
    I heart them.

    They make me jealous that I don't do cool things like keep stats on my kids.
    Mom fail.

  7. @maddie I think an infographics teacher would scoff at my weeklies because they are probably not technically infographics. I think these number ones have a different name.

  8. Your weekly infographics are great. Miloh will love to see these when he is older.

    By the way, do you know David McCandless? I think you'd love his latest book, Information is Beautiful. You should check it out.

  9. I do know David McCandless. I'd love to be at that level sometime but aside from Miloh I have no graphics to do...I should just do random ones.

    He has a Ted video but I haven't watched it yet


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