July 20, 2011

Picasso vs. Pee

After you dive into the greatness of this post please go to The Paper Mama blog. Chelsey asked me to once again break the gender barrier and be the first dad in her Get To Know A Mama feature. Although it's hi-jacked to become Get To Know A Dad.

You can leave comments to ask me questions that I'll answer on her blog in the very near future. You can ask things like: "Are you really as awesome in real life as you seem on your blog?", "Why do people still eat microwave popcorn?", "How did you get over being dumped at the Jefferson Memorial when you were 12?" or perhaps more relevant things.

So check it and thanks Chelsey

Last week, July 10th to be exact,  when I was hanging with Miloh he ran to the bathroom. I thought he wanted to go onto the potty (hate that word). While it's early, we started toilet training because they do it in his school and he kind of digs it. He's peed a couple times, once when I was around. Staci celebrated and clapped. I joined along but knew that if I had peed all over the toilet seat she wouldn't be as happy.

But this post isn't about that...

On the way to the toilet he stopped short and went to the drawer where Staci hid some paint from him. They painted a small canvas for a Father's Day present for me.

Miloh knew the paint was there but didn't mind it.

This day was different. He grabbed the three plastic strips of poster paints and looked at me with those big eyes.

I grabbed one of my super expensive, no longer used, art school brushes took him up to his new art table. He pointed at the blue so I opened it up... Then he knew what to do.

He'd point to a new color and I'd wash the brush and open the new color.

When I was a kid my favorite presents were Crayola crayon, marker and paint sets. So it was kind of cool doing my first art project with him.

I wanted to get in his head while he was painting. I'm fascinated by what he thinks so I'd love to know what was intentionally set down and what is random scribbles... Then I asked him and he answered what he was thinking. So here is his Artist Statement.

Untitled by Miloh Friedman.

Artist Statement:
I wanted to create a piece that spoke to the both the uncertainty in the world today while celebrating the joy of new beginnings.

The country's debt and politics are weighing heavily on the American people. While the folks of Southern Sudan are finally able to celebrate stability. Change and uncertainty can be scary but it can also be exciting.

I tried to capture all those emotions and share with the viewer. But I chose to work in an abstract gestural way so the viewer could see what they want and connect with the piece on their own terms.

I think that all comes through in the painting.

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  1. Hi Kenny, long time no see! I'm super impressed by Miloh's painting. It turned out pretty great, huh. The kid must have his dad's art gene. I can't wait to see his first infographic!


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