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Best Laid Plans Revisited... Revisited

Before Miloh was born I compiled a list of things that we planned on doing as far as raising him. I revisited it a bit over a year ago... And since I yet again feel like being lazy I thought I'd revisit and do an update. I'm so lazy that two-thirds of this will be totally lifted from that last revisit... I didn't even read it. Seriously. 

Cloth diapers, what we said: for me it's environmental reasons for Staci it's that and it helps for potty training. (FYI I hate the word potty.)

Cloth diapers, what we were doing a bit over two months in: we've been using regular diapers for now because his butt is freaking tiny and his poo is disgusting. Once he grows a bit and the poo is solid we plan on going cloth. Maybe at about 6 months.

Cloth diapers, what we did or are doing: we did use clothe for about a bit less than a year. But it was on and off as he got rashes. We're still doing cloth but only at night. When in school he pretty much wears those super padded underwear and goes through four a day. At home we have them on sometimes but go to regular diapers often. (Still really hate the word "potty".)

A floor bed, what we said: floor bed instead of cribs are popular in the Montessori community and we plan on following some Montessori stuff since Staci is a teacher.

A floor bed, what we were doing a bit over two months in: he's in his floor bed. We put him in there when he was a couple weeks old. He digs it but it was a little nerve racking at first...especially because he rolled over early.

A floor bed, what we did or are doing: Miloh's no longer in a floor bed. The bed was totally working but we noticed he liked the cots they had at school. So at a tiny one-year of sixteen months he got his semi-big boy bed. It's a basically a tiny bed frame about three inches off the ground. He's able to get on and off as he wishes so in my mind it's the same as a floor bed. 

We want to make our own baby food, what we said: it sounds like a good idea because we'll know what's in it and it seems easy.

We want to make our own baby food, what we were doing a bit over two months in: Still plan on doing this.

We want to make our own baby food, what we did or are doing: Yeah... We made food maybe three times. It was a bit of a pain. Plus he didn't really like baby food. So quickly he went to real people food or at least smashed up real people food. I'm glad we never bought a baby food maker.

The baby will be vegetarian, what we said: I have been vegetarian since I was about 14 and Staci was for a bit before the pregnancy.

Miloh will be vegetarian, what we were doing a bit over two months in: We're still planning this...Staci still eats some meat but very thought is once he's older and out with friends he can do whatever he wants. Until then no meat.

Miloh will be vegetarian, what we did or are doing: He's eating meat. I started to write a little post on this and should finish it. The gist is he was a bit low on iron. Meat was the best way for him to get it based on his eating habits. So we are planning on letting him eat meat until he's about 4 or 5. Then when he's eating the stuff he needs we'll switch it out. When I asked which of the Bacon vs. Tofu figures he liked best he sadly chose bacon... Even though he's never had it. I will say he eats the cleanest most expensive meat they sell... Yeah.

The dog will not be ignored, what we said: everyone says it happens.

The dog will not be ignored, what we were doing a bit over two months in: Kalli has actually been upgraded...we're more lenient with her being on our bed and she's really taken to being an older sister.

The dog will not be ignored, what we did or are doing: She's totally ignored. Well not really but she gets less trips to the park. Although those always taper off in the summer and ramp up in the fall due to my hatred of heat. But as an update to an older post Miloh and Kalli are doing so much better. It's like they turned a 179 (almost a 180).

Date night, what we said: after about 6 months we'll make Saturdays date kid.

Date night, what we were doing a bit over two months in: I was wrong on the was supposed to be after 6 weeks. We have done a date night about twice a month and Miloh tags along to restaurants and such with us and friends so we are getting out, and that was the point.

Date night, what we did or are doing: These tapered off a bit too. But we plan on ramping them up. It's not that we don't get out it's that we usually have him in toe (tow) or are with friends with kids so he's there.

Free time, what we said: after about 6 months we each get a free night: I.E. I will watch the baby every Wednesday so Staci can go out or rest...then we'll switch it up on Thursday or whatever.

Free time, what we were doing a bit over two months in: I was wrong here too. It was supposed to be 2 months. It's not really happening because we don't want to be away from him. It was especially hard for me because I was working all day while Staci was at I really wanted to monopolize his time. Now Staci is back to work so it will be hard for her to be away from him.

We do both get out when we need to.

Free time, what we did or are doing: We still get out but Staci probably gets out more than me as I have no friends... Well I have some but few and she's got a lot. But we both get time to do the things we need so it works out. However I think we should reinstate a good schedule and I should find something to do.

No commercial characters, what we said: Dora, Teletubbies, Disney Princess etc...they are kind of evil. We'll allow non-commercial stuff like Ugly Doll or things from my friend Jesse LeDoux (awesome illustrator)

No commercial characters, what we were doing a bit over two months in: Still no licensed characters.

No commercial characters, what we did or are doing: He's got one commercial character stuffed animal. It's a cool vintage looking Cat In The Hat. He doesn't watch many characters on TV. We pretty much limit it to a tiny bit of Sesame St (very commercial... I know), Kipper and Imax fish movies. He loves Kipper and fish, but not the fish kippers because those are nasty smelling.

No classic Pooh stuff, what we said: I didn't include this in the characters because I like that stuff... Staci doesn't.

No classic Pooh stuff, what we were doing a bit over two months in: no pooh (lot's a poo though... But that is unrelated)

No classic Pooh stuff,  what we did or are doing: Still no Winnie the Pooh... But he does love Winnie though. When he saw him for the first time at Disney World he was super happy and he tackled a Winnie the Pooh last weekend.

Style Guide, what I said: I've made many for clients so why not make one for the baby? I love my family, Staci's family and our friends etc. but we all have different styles. The style guide will include room and bedding colors, info on what we don't like as far as clothes and stuff about toys...the Montessori community is not a fan of plastic toys. Some people, including Staci think the style guide is kind of a dick move...but I think it's funny.

Style Guide, what we were doing a bit over two months in: Well that didn't happen. I started it but my Mac crashed and then I never got back to getting around to it...but I'm doing the infographics so that's keeping my baby/design mind happy.

Style Guide, what we did or are doing: I actually realized I did one back in November 2009. I found the file but I think I forgot about it because I wanted to redo it. I should do one now since he's got his own personality...

Conclusion (two months in): So far we're pretty much doing what we said...diapers got pushed back a bit but all in all I think our plan was good. I'll check back into this in a few months when he starts eating.

Conclusion (now): Shit happens. Things change... But we're not super far off track from what we were thinking. And most importantly Miloh is happy and we're happy.


  1. "smashed up real people food" is baby food. At least for us it was.

  2. If you hate the word potty stop using it!


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