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36 things that inspired me last year

Yesterday I turned 36 so I decided to tweet 36 things that I saw or did last year that inspired me. I decided I'd put them all together here. I would have done it yesterday but I needed to install a new router...long freaking story but I had to install from my wife's old Windows laptop, and it's a fact that Windows machines suck...they really it took an hour.

Anyway here are 36 things that inspired me, or made me smile, last year in no particular order:
1. My new mode of transportation, that Staci got me when I got my new job.
2 and 3. JJ Abrams's issue of Wired and his Mystery Box speech at Ted.
4. A clock I can't afford.
5. Stubby, the Iguana I photographed in St. Thomas.
6. Discovering that I'm on Hulu in the episode of Bathtastic!, hosted by Matt Muenster, Staci and I were on. It's also on DIY network where you can catch all new episodes and even see Matt in an episode of blog cabin. It's not a shameless plug if it's for a friend, right?
7. Discovering Slow Club when their song Christmas TV was on the season finale of Chuck. And of course I mean discover in the way that Christopher Columbus discovered America.
8. Shepard Fairey's Obama Hope poster...whatever your political stance is, or your stance on appropriating images, you gotta admit that it is so iconic and helped to define the campaign.
9. I made a list of demands on Twitter and started with vegan marshmallows...moments later I got a reply saying they existed and that they tasted and melted like real ones. I was skeptical. On Sunday I got some as a B-day present. That rock and really do taste like real ones...yeah!
10. There are 2 things I love about NYC. Street art and the winter...I got them both this year. Check out Wooster Collective for some other good stuff.
11. Theo Jansen and his crazy kinetic robots.
12. The discovery of the platypus genome.
13. Finding out Staci was pregnant and then seeing the pre-kid flip around in our first ultrasound.
14. Once again being able to wear what I want to work i.e. Jeans instead of suits, and realizing that, and liking your job, is so much better than a 10% discount.
15. Some awesome images from the sometimes forgotten athletes of the Paralympics.
16. I learned ten cool things about the earth.
17. Graffiti Research Lab's Light Criticism video of some street artists taking over those TV billboards in NYC. The ad game is what pays my bills but I love seeing people taking back public space.
18. The anatomy of a Lego figure, a balloon dog and a Gummi bear
19. They found some lowland gorillas they didn't know about.
20. The Bristol Zoo added a new primate exhibit.
21. Getting some new glass (camera lens) second flash and more photo know because I need to take photos of the baby.
22. The Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters creating a paintball Mona Lisa.
23. It's been out for years but every once in awhile I need to watch Spike Jonze's video for Fatboy Slim's Praise You
24. A video of 24 hours of air traffic from around the world.
25. An inside look at Jeff Koons's studio.
26. Super slow-mo surfing.
27. After my gorilla post I got followed by @SavingGorillas. Yeah they have a search thing to find followers but it's the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International...check them out.
28. The photojournalism of Clive Limpkin, and the name Clive Limpkin.
29. That last one made me think about Frank Horvat so I checked out Horvatland again.
30. Cool design on small things.
31. Traseone's shadow skaters.
32. One of the most beautiful sites, if not the most, I've seen.
33. On April 25th street artists took back outdoor ad spaces.
34. A heatmap of 35,000,000 geo-tagged Flickr images.
35. The Honda Insight Let it Shine spot and while you're at it you should check out the making of.
36. Feeling the baby kick that happened last night as I was finishing this list.


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