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Growing Pains: not just a stupid TV show from the 80s

"I never want him to grow up."

You hear that a lot...I'd go out on a limb and say that it's heard as often as "I neer want her to grow up." It's the mantra of all parents I know...but it's not mine.

I mean Miloh is super crazy cute...he's an awesome little dude that I can spend hours with him just hanging. I love every minute with him, making him giggle, having him give me weird super wet kisses on my nose (which wind up ending with my nose being bitten by super sharp teeth), army crawl races which I'm still wining and having him snuggle when he's super tired.

But while that's awesome I keep looking forward to the times to come...and I get excited. Actually every day when I wake up I hope he'll do something new...pop a new tooth, sit up on his own (he just did that), walk (I swear he's ready...he's hard to put in down in a sitting position because he wants to stand) say a word, make his first million.

I can't wait until he can toddle next to me around town. I'm eager to hear his voice and of course can't wait to find out his personality that is already shining through a bit.

I also can't wait to teach him things I know; how to snowboard, how to ride a bike, how to drive his mom crazy and a bunch of geeky science stuff.

This week I showed him my 1988 Haro Master (pic not my bike) which will someday become his. I'm actually planning the ways I'm going to fix it up, hopefully this winter, so it's back to riding condition even though it might be a bit early for him.

So I guess I just don't understand the "I don't want them to grow up" thing. I mean this journey is awesome and I can't wait for every next step. It would get boring if he stayed a baby the diapers really suck.


  1. It's a bit of a push-pull thing, I admit, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sees it from both sides of the coin.

    I still have this fear that after years of looking forward to the next great milestone, I'll look back and realize there aren't as many things lying ahead.

    Time, sadly, is finite. Which explains why we hold onto moments like walking, new teeth, talking and first rides so tightly. And why we write about them here.

    Glad to have crossed your bloggy path.

  2. You're right, of course. Every moment is precious.

  3. Whoops.

    I only have one child, and I really regret not appreciating more the little moments like you describe, which are now a sleep deprived blur for me. When's the first time he did x? No idea. Like him in his own life, interestingly, I have few concrete memories of his life before age 5, and even then they are in the context of funny stories (calling 911, ordering pay per view, etc.) Did he do that at age 2? 3? No clue.

    I think you will discover that you don't want them to grow up because they become people. Babies are great because you can talk to them, and they appear to listen. When you set them somewhere, generally, they stay there. They are easier in that sense.

    Once they are mobile, nothing is safe. You will understand a toddler parent's panic when the house gets quiet. It's like you're playing man to man defense, full court-constantly, from the moment you get up until the moment you sleep- where is he? What's he doing?

    It's different-every stage is special, like you said. But you will miss the control. The first time you put dinner in front of him and he says, "No, I don't want that". The first time you're trying to get him dressed and he defies you-takes off the shoe you just put on. The first time he WILL NOT SLEEP, when you're dead on your feet. The first time he insists you watch The Incredibles-AGAIN-when he's home with a fever.

    That's what people mean when they say they'd rather they stay babies.


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